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Nigeria_Updated by 1.12.2015

Date Location Perpetrator Dead Injured Event/Type of Violence Source Bombing Attack Christian Muslim Govt School Media/Medical Other Civilian Target By Deaths Christian Muslim Govt School Media/Medical Other Civilian Target
28-Dec Potiskum, Yobe Suspected Boko Haram 1   A water vendor has died a bomb burried at the assembly ground of primary school 1           1           1
26-Dec Northern Cameroon Boko Haram 30 3 Boko haram militants attacked 5 villages, occupied a military camp, and killed at least 30 people.             1           30
22-Dec Bauchi Suspected Boko Haram 15   The explosive went off at a market 1           1           15
22-Dec Gombe City, Gombe Suspected Boko Haram 20 60 the explosive went off at the bus station 1           1           20
14-Dec Gumburi Suspected Boko Haram 30   Militants kidnapped at least 185 young men, women, and children, while also shooting dead 30.             1           30
14-Dec Benue State Fulani Herdsmen 5   Attacks by Fulani Herdsmen took place while Christians were in worship sevices, killing five Christians.   1           5          
14-Dec Maiduguri, Borno Boko Haram 35   At least 35 people were murdered  in an attack on a village and almost 200 were kidnapped in Boko haram attack.             1           35
3-Dec Lassa, Borno State Boko Haram 11   Boko Haram stormed the town destroying churches and buildings, killing 11 people and kidnapping 20 women.             1           11
1-Dec Maiduguri, Borno Boko Haram 14   Two female suicide bombers detonated bombs in a busy market. 1           1           14
1-Dec Damatura Boko Haram 39   An attack on military and government facilites left at least 39 soldiers and policemen dead.       1           39      
28-Nov Kano Boko Haram 100 135 Gunmen set off three bombs and opened fire on worshippers in the central mosque of Kano 1   1           100        
23-Nov Maiduguri, Borno Boko Haram 45 54 Two suicide bombers, at least one being a female, blew themselves up at a crowded market. 1           1           45
19-Nov Mafa, Borno Suspected Boko Haram 45   Suspected Boko Haram attacked the village of Azaya Kura in the Mafa Area             1           45
14-Nov Kano Suspected Boko Haram 6   Suicide bombing killed 6 people including 3 police officers. 1     1           3     3
13-Nov Gwoza, Borno Suspected Boko Haram 16   16 were killed as they came out of hiding to search for food.             1           16
12-Nov Niger State Uknown, possibly Boko Haram   3 Female suicide bomber blew herself up outside of the library of a government school, killing herself and injuring three others. 1       1                
10-Nov Potiskum, Yobe Boko Haram 47 79 Militant disguised as bomber attacked school. 1       1           47    
7-Nov Azare, Bauchi Suspected Boko Haram 14 20 Bomb exploded out of a ATM machine. 1           1           14
4-Nov Gombe Boko Haram     Militants attacked local police station, casualities not yet known.       1                  
3-Nov Potiskum, Yobe Boko Haram 23   Suicide bomber blew himself up at a Shia ceremony, killing about 20 people. 1   1           23        
2-Nov Kogi Boko Haram 1 2 Suspected Boko Haram members invaded Koton-Karfi Prison freeing 143 prisoners. A male police officer and inmate were injured, while another inmate was killed.       1                 1
27-Oct Kukawa, Borno State Boko Haram 3   Boko Haram suspects stormed the town killing 3, and burning down buildings including the headquarters of Kukawa LGA and the police station.             1           3
26-Oct Borno State Boko Haram 17   A series of attacks killed 17 in Borno.             1           17
24-Oct Ogun Unknown 1   Two Germans were ambushed while working. 4 men came out of the bushes, shooting and killing one of the Germans. The other man was abducted then later released.             1           1
22-Oct Azare, Bauchi Suspected Boko Haram 5 12 A bus-stop bomb killed 5 and injured 12. 1           1           5
20-Oct Gwoza, Borno Boko Haram 26   Militants abducted about 40 women from the village, and killed 26 in the same attack.             1           26
19-Oct Wukari Local Government Area, Taraba State Boko Haram 31   Boko Haram killed 31 Christians on Sunday as they worshipped. Among those killed were two pastors.   1           31          
14-Oct Bachi District of Riyom LGA, Plateau State Gunmen 27   Unknown gunment killed 27, while also torching 70 houses and displacing and 3,520 people.             1           27
8-Oct Amchide, Cameroon Boko Haram 8   8 people killed in a rocket attack carried out in Cameroon town. 1                        
6-Oct Ngamdu Boko Haram 7   Boko Haram beheaded 7 people in revenge attacks.             1           7
3-Oct Plateau State Fulani Herdsmen 12   Four towns were attacked killing 12.             1           12
24-Sep Shaffa, Borno State Boko Haram 20   At least 20 were killed when Boko Haram attacked the village, including one pastor. All the churches were burnt down.   1           20          
19-Sep Sokoto Suspected cattled rustlers 2   Gunmen dressed in police and military uniforms stormed the village killing 2 and taking over 8000 livestock.             1           2
17-Sep Fadan Karshi Fulani Herdsmen 13   Fulani Herdsmen raided the town, killing 13 and burning down houses.                          
17-Sep Karshin Daji  Fulani Herdsmen 31 15 31 individuals including 2 pastors were killed, along with 15 injured and 15 houses burned down.   1           31          
17-Sep Kano  Boko Haram 13 34 Two suicide bombers blew up a school, killing 13 students and lecturers in addition to the two bombers. 2       1           13    
15-Sep Michika Boko Haram 16   Militants riding on horses rode into the town and shot indiscriminately. At least 50 women and an unknown number of children were also abducted.             1           16
14-Sep Tunari village, Taraba State Fulani Herdsmen 20   At least 20 men and women were killed while attendnig a Sunday worship service.   1           20          
9-Sep Adawama Boko Haram 24 1 Boko Haram shot and wounded ex-President Obasanjo’s son. Also killed 24 soldiers.       1           24      
8-Sep Michika Boko Haram Unk.   An unknown number of people were killed when Boko Haram raided the predominately Christian town.   1                      
1-Sep Bama Boko Haram     Heavy casualities on both side (CHECK BACK ON THIS)             1            
30-Aug Borno State Boko Haram 14   Boko Haram invaded four villages in Borno State, killing 14.             1           14
21-Aug Buni Yadi, Yobe Boko Haram     Boko Haram has taken control of Buni Yadi.             1            
20-Aug Borno State Boko Haram     35 Police officers are missing after two attacks on police training camps.       2                  
17-Aug Maforo Suspected Boko Haram 4   Suspected Boko Haram militants stormed the town of Maforo and shot 4 dead.             1           4
17-Aug Durwa Suspected Boko Haram 6   Suspected Boko Haram militants stormed the town of Durwa and shot 6 dead.             1           6
14-Aug Borno State Boko Haram 28 25 At least 97 men and boys were kidnapped, while 28 people were killed and 25 injured during a string of attacks over a course of a week,             1           28
11-Aug Yelwa Fulani Herdsmen 14   Fulani herdsman attacked the remnant Christian community in Yelwa, killing 14 Christians.   1           14          
9-Aug Limankara Boko Haram 5   Pastor Musa Gaiyo of Church of Christ in Nations, his father, and three of his children were killed by Boko Haram.   1           5          
5-Aug Gwoza, Borno Suspected Boko Haram 100   Militants raided the town, and reportedly kidnapped or killed the Muslim traditional leader. Many were also Christians.     1       1           100
2-Aug Borno State Boko Haram 1   Soldier killed by Boko Haram while on a military contingent in Borno.       1           1      
31-Jul Danburam Fulani Herdsmen 1   Killed Christian in home.   1           1          
31-Jul Mayokam, Bali Fulani Herdsmen 3   Assailants killed three Christians in their homes.   1           3          
30-Jul Borno State Boko Haram     5 Churches bombed. 5 5                      
29-Jul Yobe Suspected Boko Haram 13   13 died and many others injured when 2 mosque bombings occurred. 2   2           13        
29-Jul Yobe Boko Haram 8   A bridged was bombed killed 8 people. The soldiers guarding the bridge were outnumbered by Boko Haram members. 1           1           8
28-Jul Kano Female Suicide Bomber     A female suicide bomber killed herself across from a Shoprite supermarket. No one else was injured. 1                        
28-Jul Kano Female Suicide Bomber 3   A female suicide bomber killed herself and 3 others while waiting to buy kerosene. 1           1           3
28-Jul Katarko, Yobe Boko Haram     A Muslim cleric, his wife, and two others were kidnapped by Boko Haram.     1                    
27-Jul Kolofata, Cameroon Boko Haram 15   Members of Boko Haram broke into the house of Prime Minister Amadou Ali, kidnapping his wife and killing an unknown number. They also kidnapped the mayor of the town and six of his family members. At least 15 people were killed between the raids of the two homes.       2                 15
27-Jul Shafa Boko Haram 2   Suspected Boko Haram members killed two residents who had just fled Damboa.             1           2
27-Jul Hong Boko Haram 30   Suspected Boko Haram members rode into Hong and shot haphazardly, killing at least 30.             1           30
27-Jul Kano Suspected Boko Haram 5   Suspected Boko Haram members bombed a church, killing 5. 1 1           5          
27-Jul Kano Female Suicide Bomber     A 15-year-old female suicide bomber set off a bomb near a temporary university site. No one else was injured. 1                        
26-Jul Shaffa District, Hawul Boko Haram 2   Boko Haram members beheaded the victims.             1           2
24-Jul Kano Suspected Boko Haram 1 8 A busy bus station was bombed, killing one and injuring eight. 1           1           1
23-Jul Kaduna Suspected Boko Haram 44 37 A double bombing occurred in Kaduna, targeting the former head of state, and a prominent moderate Muslim cleric. Both escaped unharmed. 2   1 1                 44
23-Jul Borno State Suspected Boko Haram 12   Suspected Boko Haram members dressed in camoflauge raided a village, killing the traditional leader and 11 others.             1           12
18-Jul Damboa, Borno Suspected Boko Haram     Raids on Damboa caused as many as 15,000 residents to flee.             1            
18-Jul Damboa, Borno Suspected Boko Haram 21   Islamic militants raided the village in the early morning, killing at least 21.             1           21
17-Jul Gombi, Adamawa Boko Haram     German aid worker and two children of a Muslim cleric have been kidnapped.             1            
14-Jul Dille, Borno Boko Haram 38   Militants raided a Christian village firing indiscrimately, throwing grenedes, burning the whole town and three churches. Deaths included the pastor of Redeemed Church of God, Taiwo Dokun.   1           38          
12-Jul Dilimi Village Gunmen 1   Over 20 gunmen wearing miliraty uniforms killed Pastor Ayuba Moriya when they raided his house.   1           1          
5-Jul Damboa, Borno Suspected Boko Haram 20   Suspected Boko Haram members attacked a military base in Damboa killed no fewer than 12 soldiers, 4 police officers, and 4 civilians.       1           16     4
1-Jul Maiduguri, Borno Suspected Boko Haram 56   A bomb planted in a van carrying charcoal exploded in a busy market, killing 56 people. 1           1           56
29-Jun Kwada, Ngurojina, Karagau, Kautikari Suspected Boko Haram 54   Four villages were stormed by gunmen hurling explosives into churches, torching buildings, and shooting at worshippers.   4           54          
25-Jun Abuja Suspected Boko Haram 21 17 A blast occurred right as people were about to watch the Nigeria vs Argentina soccer game, killing 22 people and wounding dozens.             1           21
24-Jun Bulamburin, Borno Suspected Boko Haram 12   Militants attacked a military checkpoint, killing 12 soldiers but also losing 25 of their own.       1           12      
23-Jun Kano Suspected Boko Haram 8   A bomb went off around 1 pm at the School of Hygiene, killing 8 and injuring a dozen more. 1       1           8    
18-Jun Kummabza, Borno Boko Haram 30   Gunmen dressed as soldiers invaded the village killing 30 men and abductnig 60 females. The village was burned down, while food was also looted. The women escaped July 3rd and 4th             1           30
15-Jun Gumsa, Yobe Boko Haram     Gunmen stormed a mosque during prayer and abducted the village chief.     1                    
15-Jun Daku Boko Haram 15   Gunmen opened fire on market vendors, killing 15. They also burned down homes and a church.   1           15          
11-Jun Gako and Tanjol Suspected Fulani Herdsmen 11   Suspected Fulani Herdsmen killed no fewer than 11 people, included 5 security operatives, and burned down 2 churches.   1   1       6   5      
8-Jun Abuja  Female Suicide Bomber 1   Female suicide bombers made attack on Nigerian barracks. One officer was killed as the bomb went off as he was searching the woman. 1     1           1      
5-Jun Garkin Fulani Settlement, Borno State Suspected Boko Haram     Gunmen arrived in the remote village around noon and forced 20 women into a vehicle at gunpoint. Three men were also taken when they tried to stop the kidnapping.             1            
5-Jun Madagali, Adamawa 2   2 killed in gunfire exchange.             1           2
4-Jun Maidugur, Borno  Boko Haram 45   Members of Boko Haram posing as preachers killed 45 people as they surrounded the insurgents to hear them preach.             1           45
2-Jun Attagara, Mandara Mountains Boko Haram 250   Men in military uniforms arrived in the village, annoucing that they were there to assess the security situation. When people gathered, the insurgents opened fire.             1           110
1-Jun Mubi, Adamawa Suspected Boko Haram 18   Suspected Boko Haram members bombed the predominantly Christian area of Mubi. Victims included individuals that were watching soccer at a nearby bar, as well as people at a nearby soccer game. Witnesses say that the bomb was planted in a three-wheeled vehicle outside of the bar.   1           18          
1-Jun Borno State Suspected Boko Haram 9   Suspected Boko Haram gunmen invaded a church during worship service and opened fire around 9:30 am, killing 9 people.   1           9          
15-May – 12-Jun Kunde Boko Haram 7   7 people were killed, 2,500 were forced to flee to Cameroon and the hills, and all of the communities houses and churches were burnt.   1           7          
15-May – 12-Jun Baladigavuraza Boko Haram 3   3 people were killed, while 2,000 people fled to Cameroon and 500 fled to various parts of Nigeria.   1           3          
15-May – 12-Jun Angurva Boko Haram undetermined   An unknown number of people were killed, while nearly 4,000 have been forced to flee to Cameroon.   1           unknown          
15-May – 12-Jun Kaghum Boko Haram 20   Boko Haram killed more than 20 people, and more than 3,000 were forced to flee to Cameroon and other parts of Nigeria.   1           20          
15-May – 12-Jun Pege Boko Haram 5   5 people were killed while 2,000 were forced to flee to Cameroon and other parts of Nigeria.   1           5          
15-May – 12-Jun Barawa Boko Haram 20   20 people were killed and all of the community’s houses and churches were burned. Survivors fled to Cameroon.   1           20          
15-May – 12-Jun Chikide Boko Haram 2   2 people were killed, while about 1,500 were forced to flee to Cameroon.   1           2          
15-May – 12-Jun Arboko Boko Haram 18   18 people were killed, all houses and churched were burned to the ground, and about 2,000 have fled to Cameroon.   1           18          
15-May – 12-Jun Chinene Boko Haram 21   21 people were killed, while about 1,500 were foced to flee to Cameroon and other parts of Nigeria. 1,000 are still in the mountains.   1           21          
15-May – 12-Jun Kirawa Boko Haram   The whole village was taken over by Boko Haram; villagers were forced to flee to Cameroon.   1                      
15-May – 12-Jun Pulka Boko Haram 30   30 people were killed, includeding the District Head. Many members have fled to Cameroon.   1           30          
15-May – 12-Jun Kwadale Boko Haram undetermined   An undetermined number of people were killed, while about 2,000 fled to Cameroon.   1           unknown          
15-May – 12-Jun Vale Boko Haram 3   The whole community was chased out by Boko Haram, their villaged was looted and 3 people were killed.   1           3          
15-May – 12-Jun Ashigashiya Boko Haram 10   10 people were attacked and killed, while the rest of the community fled to Cameroon.   1           10          
15-May – 12-Jun Zamgba Boko Haram 13   13 people were killed and about 1,700 were forced to flee to Cameroon.   1           13          
15-May – 12-Jun Jibrili Boko Haram undetermined   An unknown number of people were killed, while Christian houses and churches were torched. Survivors have fled to Cameroon.   1           unknown          
15-May – 12-Jun Ganjara Boko Haram 46   46 were killed and more than 2,500 fled to Cameroon.   1           46          
15-May – 12-Jun Agapalawa Boko Haram 15   15 were killed while more than 4,000 fled to Cameroon.   1           15          
15-May – 12-Jun Halaghwa Boko Haram undetermined   An undetermined number of people were killed, while close to 2,500 were foreced to flee to Cameroon and other Nigerian states.   1           ?          
15-May – 12-Jun Amuda Boko Haram 17   17 people were killed and more than 4,000 were foced to flee to other places.   1           17          
15-May – 12-Jun Gava Boko Haram 26   26 were killed and about 5,000 fled to Cameroon and other Nigerian states. All the houses and churches were torched.   1           26          
15-May – 12-Jun Ngoshe, Borno Boko Haram 46   46 were killed and nearly 6,000 had to flee to Cameroon. All the houses and churches were torched.   1           46          
15-May – 12-Jun Bokko Timta, Borno Boko Haram   Approximately 1,500 Christians had to flee to Cameroon after Boko Haram raided their community.   1                      
15-May – 12-Jun Kugyly Boko Haram   2,500 villagers had to flee to Cameroon after Boko Haram visited.   1                      
15-May – 12-Jun Bokko Wizhe Boko Haram 4   Insurgents opened fire indiscriminately in a predominately Christian village. About 2,000 survivors have fled to Cameroon.   1           4          
31-May Kala Balge, Borno Boko Haram 40   Boko Haram militants raided a community, killing 40 people, after the residents had repelled the militant group a week prior.           1           40
30-May Zhur, Borno Suspected Boko Haram 3   Nigerian traditional leader, Shehu Mustapha Idris Timta, Emir of Gwoza, was shot dead in his car while on his way to a funeral. Two of the police escorts were also killed.   1           1 2      
28-May Borno State Boko Haram 35 13 Members of Boko Haram raided three villages in Borno State in the early morning. The insurgents arrived on motorcycles and in all-terrain vans. They shot down residents and burned down homes, killing at least 35 people.           1           35
26-May Buni Yadi, Yobe Boko Haram 31   Gunmen arrived in an armored personnel carrier and six Toyota pickup trucks, and raided a military base and ajacent police barracks. The militants fired rocket propelled grenades at both bases,  killing 17 soldiers and 14 police officers.     1           31      
26-May Gowza, Borno Boko Haram 8   Boko Haram rebels burned down seven churches, numerous houses, and killed 8 Christians.   1           8          
25-May Kumuta, Borno Boko Haram 24   Dozens of militants riding motorcycles stormed the village early Sunday morning and opened fire as the residents headed to the weekly market.           1           24
25-May Waga, Adamawa Suspected Boko Haram 20   Millitants stormed the Christian village riding in trucks and on motorcycles. They burnt several houses and opened fire on residents, killing 20 people.   1           20          
25-May Gwoza, Borno Boko Haram 21   Boko Haram members killed 21 members of the congregation of Church of Christ in Nations during the worship service.   1           21          
24-May Jos, Plateau State Suspected Boko Haram   Only the bomber was killed.           1            
21-May Chukku Nguddoa, Borno Suspected Boko Haram 29 10 Suspected Boko Haram militants shot dead 29 farmers as they tilled their fields, also wounding 10 others.           1           29
20-May Northeastern Nigeria, near Chibok Suspected Boko Haram 48   Militants raided three villages near Chibok Tuesday overnight into Wednesday. The extremists set the village homes on fire and killed 48 residents.           1           48
20-May Jos, Plateau State Suspected Boko Haram 118 230 Two bombs exploded during the local rush hour killing mostly women and children. One bomb was planted in the back of a cargo truck and went off in the Terminus market. The second explosion involved a minibus. The first explosion killed 7 Christian students. The market is predominatly Christian women selling fruits, vegetables, and various items. 2 1           118          
18-May Kano, Kano Suspected Boko Haram 4   Suicide bomber in vehicle had sought directions from Christians to local chruches. When Christians became suspicious of the bomber’s intentions, the bomb detonated.   1           4          
14-May Chibok, Borno Boko Haram 12   Boko Haram fighters ambushed Nigerian troops, which killed 12 soldiers.     1           12      
12-May Kachia, Kaduna Mob 40   A mob set Bature’s evangelical church on fire. The mob also shot and slaughtered villagers and livestock. The death toll is as high as 40.           1           40
9-May Yola, Adamawa Suspected Boko Haram 30   Islamic extremists blew up a bridge, abducted the wife and two children of a retired police officer, and killed at least 30 people.           1           30
5-May Gamboru Ngala Boko Haram 332   Dozens of militants wearing fatigues entered the town firing indescriminately at people and torching houses. 17 of those killed were officers.           1     17     315
4-May Warabe Accused Boko Haram   Militants kidnapped at least 8 girls between the ages of 12 and 15.           1            
2-Mar Mafa, Borno Boko Haram 33 20 Gunmen stormed Mafa village in Borno, around 50 km (30 miles) east of the state capital Maiduguri, at around 8 p.m. on Sunday, shooting fleeing civilians and throwing explosives at occupied houses. The insurgents were dressed in military fatigues and the whole town was razed. 20 people were also injured. An unknown number of observers were killed during nightly prayer when explosives were thrown into the mosque. 1 1 1                    
21-Apr Borno State Suspected Boko Haram 2 Suspected Boko Haram gunmen on motorcycles set up a road block near Mafa town. They ambushed the vehicle of two APC leaders and shot them. 1 2
16-Apr Bauchi State Gunmen 1 Gunmen stole three vehicles and killed a passerby with a stray bullet in Soro village. Both vehicles were white vans, one belonging to the United Nations and the other belonging to Bauchi State television. 1 1
16-Apr Borno State Boko Haram 18  + Around 7 am, gunmen attacked Wala village, leaving 18 dead and many injured. 1 18
15-Apr Borno State Boko Haram 2 Gunmen attacked Sabon-Kasuawa village and killed a local monarch (district head) and his guard at his palace. 1 2
15-Apr Taraba State Suspected Fulani 50  + Gunmen reportedly came from Nassarawa state and attacked the Gidan Aku village in the Wukari LGA. They burned houses and indiscriminately killed at least 50 people without government intervention. 1 50
14-Apr Borno State Suspected Boko Haram Suspected Boko Haram members abducted 129 276 secondary school girls in the town of Chibok (in a Christian region). Some sources suggest that the girls may be used as war brides or human shields. Government and civilian search parties are still combing the Sambisa forest. 1
14-Apr Nassarawa State Boko Haram 200 141 Police reported the blast from a bomb at an Abuja bus station affected 16 buses plus smaller  commercial vehicles. There were over 100 victims in all. The number of dead rose from 71 to 75 to 200, and the wounded from 123 to 141. 1 1 200
14-Apr Abuja Suspected Boko Haram 75 124 A bomb blast killed 71 individuals and injured 124 at the crowded bus station of Nyanya Motor Park. The bomb also destroyed more than 30 vehicles, which caused secondary explosions. 1 1 75
10-Apr Borno State Suspected Boko Haram 60 Gunmen attacked Kala Balge town and killed three villagers, allegedly dressed in military attire. There were reportedly 60 people left dead after the attack. 1 60
10-Apr Borno State Suspected Boko Haram 8 One of the attacks targeted a Teachers’ College in Dikwa in which 7 people were killed and the school library and administrative block were burned. 1 8
10-Apr Borno State Suspected Boko Haram 207 Between April 10 and 11, at least 207 people were killed in Borno, including JAMB candidates on their way to exam centers. 1 207
6-Apr Yobe State Boko Haram 17 Boko Haram militants attacked a northern Nigerian village, levaing 17 dead and many houses and cars in flames. Muslim worshippers at the village mosque were among the dead, according to the governor’s spokesman.–in-Nigeria.aspx 1 17
23-Mar Taraba State Fulani Herdsmen 7 Suspected Fulani burned many houses and shot about 7 people in Buwa village. 1 7
19-Mar Gwoza, Borno State Boko Haram 11 Morningstar 1 11
16-Mar Taraba State Fulani Herdsmen 35 Catholic church was attacked and 35 people were killed in ten villages in Taraba. 1 35
16-Mar Borno State Boko Haram 2 In Pela Birni village, two churches and a number of houses were burned during the night and early morning. 1 2
14-Mar Kaduna State Fulani Herdsmen 150 Scores of the ethnic Fulani assailantsarmed with guns and machetes simultaneously attacked the Christian villages of Ugwar Sankwai, Ungwar Gata and Chenshyi in the Kaura Local Government Area for about four hours, killing more than 100 Christians and destroying 240 homes. Three churches were also burned down.          1 150
14-Mar Maiduguri, Borno Suspected Boko Haram  + Insurgent groups attacked military barracks (to free members). the University of Maiduguri, area where civil servants live. They also destroyed houses. The military responded with aerial bombs and counterattacks. Insurgents suffered heavy losses and unknown numbers of civilians may have been killed. 1
14-Mar Maiduguri, Borno  Civilian Joint Task Force/Boko Haram 600 Boko Haram successfully broke into the detention center. Those freed were given the option of joining or going home, most of which chose to go home. The Civilian Joint Task Force and security forces then hunted down those that escaped and murdered most of them. Amnesty estimates that over 600 were killed. 1 600
9-Mar Taraba State Fulani Herdsmen 5 Fulani killed 5 Christians in Girishin Hassan. 1 5
8-Mar Taraba State Fulani Herdsmen 5 More than 30 Fulani burned homes and killed 5 Christians in 2 villages (3 in Wurusu, 2 in Kiorkende). 1 5
4-Mar Plateau State Fulani Herdsmen 16 Armed gunmen believed to be Muslim Fulani herdsmen attacked a cluster of villages in Plateau state, killing 16 Christians and destroying numerous homes. The church leaders said two worship sanctuaries and residences of two COCIN pastors were among the buildings set ablaze. 1 16
2-Mar Maiduguri, Borno Boko Haram, Borno State 31 Gunmen stormed Mafa village in Borno, around 50 km (30 miles) east of the state capital Maiduguri, at around 8 p.m. on Sunday, shooting fleeing civilians and throwing explosives at occupied houses. 1 1           31
1-Mar Maiduguri, Borno Boko Haram, Borno State 51   Twin bomb blasts in Maiduguri marketplace killed at least 51 people. 2           1 51
1-Mar Maiduguri, Borno Boko Haram, Borno State 39 Dozens of gunmen were razing a farming village, shooting dead another 39, as Boko Haram increasingly focuses on the civilian population.             1 39
27-Feb Diyan, Plateau State Fulani 2 2 2 people were killed and over 120 houses were razed. 1 2
26-Feb Shuwa, Adamawa Boko Haram 23 Christian theological seminary was burned down (with 3 fatalities), a bishop’s house was torched, a convent and a Christian school were burned, and 20 villagers were killed. A Catholic priest was among the dead. 1 23
26-Feb Shuwa, Adamawa Boko Haram In the same attack, a maternity health center was looted and set ablaze. 1
26-Feb Shuwa, Adamawa Boko Haram The house of a former commissioner (Idris Nuhu) was also burned. 1
26-Feb Kirchinga, Adamawa Boko Haram 8  + Eight people were killed and many houses and churches were burned down. 1 8
26-Feb Michika, Adamawa State Boko Haram 13 As part of a night attack involving 2 other villages, Boko Haram terrorists in 9 vans attacked 3 banks and burned down many churches, houses and shops belonging to Christians. Five people were reported dead (Stephanos) before the military intervened, with 13 later reported dead (Premium Times). Stephanos Foundation, 1 13
26-Feb Michika, Adamawa State Boko Haram Boko Haram also destroyed a police station. Stephanos Foundation, 1
26-Feb Michika, Adamawa State Boko Haram 1 In the same attack, Boko Haram also destroyed part of the Michika Local Government Council secretariat. A staff member of the Bank of Agriculture was one of the slain. 1 1
25-Feb Buni Yadi, Yobe State Boko Haram 59 After herding the female students into a classroom, Islamist militants from the group Boko Haram fatally burned or shot dozens of male students in an attack late Monday on a state college in northeastern Nigeria, officials said on Tuesday. It was the fourth school assault attributed to the group in less than a year. Abducted 16 female students.                1 59
22-Feb Plateau State Fulani Herdsmen 29 17 In the early hours of Feb. 22, gunmen attacked villagers living along the highway linking the local governments of Barakin-Ladi and Bokkos. Twenty-nine people were killed as they slept and a further 17 were injured. 1 29
20-Feb Plateau State Fulani Herdsmen 14 Fourteen people were killed when gunmen attacked Rapyem village in the early hours of Feb. 20. The victims were fast asleep when the attackers stormed into the village with guns and machetes, local media reported. All the victims were Christians. 1 14
20-Feb Razat, Plateau State Fulani Herdsmen 5 Mr. Soloman Dung and four of his children were shot dead around 7 pm. IDRN Rapid Village Assesment 1 5
19-Feb Plateau State Suspected Fulani 13 Unknown gunmen killed 9 children and 4 adults at night in a Berom ethnic group settlement. 1 13
19-Feb Borno State Boko Haram 98 Militants burned 400 vehicles and 15 houses, Stefanos Foundation 1 1 98
16-Feb Taraba State Fulani Herdsmen 35 About 35 people were killed and a Catholic church was attacked by armed Fulani in several villages. 1 35
15-Feb Yazza, Borno State Boko Haram 25 Witness to Boko Haram attack said he saw 25 corpses lying on the ground. 1 25
15-Feb Kukawa, Borno State Boko Haram  + Militants burned fishing village Doron Baga and killed an unknown number of villagers.   1  +
15-Feb Borno State Boko Haram 106 A large Boko Haram force invaded Izghe, a predominantly Christian village, and slaughtered at least 106 people. They also destroyed homes and shops. The midnight massacre lasted about five hours without military intervention. 1 1 106
14-Feb Borno State Suspected Boko Haram 10 An attack by suspected members of Boko Haram left 10 dead. 1 10
12-Feb Borno State Boko Haram 9 The Nigerian Air Force began daily aerial bombardments to flush the sect out of its hideouts in the nearby Sambisa Forest on the Cameroonian border. At least nine soldiers and an unknown number of militants died in a fierce and prolonged gun battle that followed the bombardment on 12 February. 1 9
11-Feb Borno State Boko Haram 4 6+ In Wajirko village, 50 homes were destroyed. 1 4
11-Feb Borno State Boko Haram 57 + 2,000 houses and shops were burned including the central mosque, schools, health clinics, maternity homes and hospitals. Fifty vehicles were also destroyed and 62 people were killed in a Boko Haram attack. Young women were also kidnapped. 1 57
6-Feb Plateau State Suspected Fulani 22 Gunmen killed about 22 people and burned ten houses in the predominantly Muslim village of Mavo, according to locals. 1 22
4-Feb Katsina State Village youths 1 1 After the discovery of a missing six-year old girl’s body near his home, an Assemblies of God pastor was accused of murder, beaten and killed by an angry youth mob. Her body had been mutilated and authorities suspected rape. After being beaten, the pastor was rescued by onlookers and taken to a hospital, but then seized again and set on fire. Additionally, two churches and the pastor’s house were burned, one being the pastor’s church. Another man was injured in a mob and his house was torched. 1 1
4-Feb Plateau State Unknown Gunmen 33  + In two mainly Christian villages, about 30 people were killed and more than 50 houses were burned in the Riyom district. 1 33
4-Feb Yobe State Unknown Gunmen 18 Traders were ambushed by the bandits while travelling back from Ngalda market. 1 18
3-Feb Plateau State Fulani Herdsmen 34  In this attack, several innocent people (up to 34) were again hacked to death including a soldier and a policeman. 1 34
3-Feb Bauchi State Unknown Gunmen 2 1 Attackers invaded Soro Divisional Police Station at about 1 a.m., where they shot a police corporal and freed four suspects in police detention, two cattle rustlers and two armed robbery suspects, before burning down the station. Then they stormed the house of a policeman and killed him and his son. 1 2
1-Feb Nasarawa State Fulani 10 15 Herdsmen armed with guns, knives, and axes raided two villages and destroyed all that was in sight. 1 10
1-Feb Kaduna State Suspected Boko Haram 3 Suspected Boko Haram gunmen killed a sheikh, along with his wife and son, while he was returning home from preaching in Zaria. The Muslim cleric was reportedly killed for his pro-Western posture and anti-Boko Haram preaching. 1 3
31-Jan Borno State Suspected Boko Haram 7  + A bus ran over a homemade bomb, killing seven and injuring others. 1 1 7
31-Jan Kaduna State Suspected Fulani 7 A Christian family of seven was killed by attackers described by witnesses as Fulani herdsmen. 1 7
31-Jan Adamawa State Suspected Boko Haram 11 Militants killed churchgoers at an evening prayer service, killing 10 members of the congregation and the pastor. Then they attempted to burn the village, but were deterred by armed residents. 1 11
30-Jan Kaduna State Fulani 8  + A band of armed Fulani attacked a Christian village at night and killed a family of 7 and another man, injuring dozens more. 1 8
26-Jan Borno State Suspected Boko Haram 85 40 An entire village, including seven mosques and 300 houses, was burned down overnight by militants. Around 40 people were hospitalized and hostages were also held. The dead included children and an imam.                                                                            1 1 85
26-Jan Yola, Adamawa State Suspected Boko Haram 45  + At least 22 parishioners of a Catholic parish in north-eastern Nigeria were “slaughtered” by Boko Haram attackers on Sunday, houses were burned and hostages were taken. 1 1 45
24-Jan Plateau/Kaduna State border Unknown gunmen 1 2 Unknown gunmen attacked Chinese nationals overseeing ongoing rail rehabilitation work along the Jos-Kafanchan rail track, killing one and wounded two. 1 1
19-Jan Alau, Borno Suspected Boko Haram 19 Gunmen raided the village around 10 pm and began shooting villagers, killing 19 and injuring several others. The gunmen also set houses ablaze and looted food items. 1 19
19-Jan Benue State Fulani 12 Agatu Local Government Area of central Nigeria’s Benue state said ethnic Fulani herdsmen were responsible for raids on two villages that left seven Christians dead. 5 soldiers were also killed in the course of intervening. 1 1 7 5
16-Jan Gashigar, Borno Suspected Boko Haram 10 Gunmen shot 7 people in the fishing village of Gashigar, while 3 others drowned in the river while trying to flee. 1 10
16-Jan ?? ?? 7 Nigerian refugees that fled to Niger told UNHCR they had fled a mosque attack that had killed 7. UNHCR 1 7
16-Jan Plateau State Fulani 3 4 Fulani Heardsmen killed three Christians and wounded four others in Nwore and Yokdara villages. 1 3
14-Jan Maiduguri, Borno Boko Haram 43 50 A car bomb went off at 1:30 pm in the GSM Market in front of state television offices, killing 43 and injuring 50. 1 1 43
12-Jan Jabulam, Borno Boko Haram 2 Gunmen attacked and killed 2 residents during the night. 1 2
12-Jan Yawuma-ango, Borno Boko Haram 3 Gunmen attacked and killed 3 residents during the night. 1 3
12-Jan Borno State Boko Haram 8 Boko Haram group attacked Sabon Gari village in the Gwoza Local Government Area, killing eight Christians. 1 8
8-Jan Borno State Boko Haram Boko Haram members destroyed a Church of the Brethren in Nigeria building in Bzuba village 1
6-Jan Shonong, Plateau State Soldiers and Fulani Herdsmen 33 25 Gunmen shot and killed at least 30 people, burned down 40 homes and made off with scores of cattle from a Christian village. 1 33
5-Jun Kaduna State Fulani 4 Four people were left dead and many others were wounded when herdsmen clashed with residents in Bungel village. 1 4
5-Jan Kaduna State Fulani 1 Churchmen in the Manchok area mobilized in time to repel attacks by Fulani herdsmen. 1
TOTAL     4,259 713     47 93 15 24 9 1 78 1,635 188 781 136 0 2,430


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