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Nigeria_Updated by 1.12.2015

Date Location Perpetrator Dead Injured Event/Type of Violence Source Bombing Attack Christian Muslim Govt School Media/ Medical Other Civilian Target Following are by death Christian Muslim Govt School Media/ Medical Other Civilian Target
31-Dec Plateau State Fulani 3 16 Fulani Herdsmen attacked a church killing three. One woman was left widowed for a second time by Fulani Herdsmen.   1           3          
29-Dec  Borno State   4   Four were killed in Kwajffa Christian village.   1           4          
28-Dec  Borno State Islamic Extremists 8   Eight civilians were killed when extremists fired on a wedding party Saturday night in Tashan-AledeChristian village.   1           8          
21-Dec Kaduna State Suspected Fulani 2 4 Unknown gunmen stormed a village, killing a father and his daughter and injuring four others. The district head said that the attack was deliberately done to scare his people from celebrating Christmas.   1           2          
17-Dec Plateau State Fulani 6 4 Eight Fulani gunmen killed six members of extended families in their home in Foron, five of them children. Four people were also injured.   1           6          
14-Dec Gwol, Plateau State Fulani 2 1 Fulani herdsmen attacked the predominantly Christian town of Gwol, killing two Christians and wounding a third   1           2          
12-Dec Kaduna State Fulani     Fulani herdsmen dressed in military fatigues attacked the Christian community of Bara in Sanga Local Government Area   1                      
11-Dec Barkin Ladi, Plateau State Fulani 4   Barkin Ladi, Muslim herdsmen killed four Christians.   1           4          
8-Dec- 11-Dec Gwoza, Borno State   26   Boko Haram insurgents attacked four predominantly Christian villages in the Gwoza, Damboa and askira-Uba Local Government Areas, leading to death of at least 26 Christians and destroying about 40 homes.   4           26          
2-Dec Maiduguri, Borno State Boko Haram 20 2 In one of several attacks in the area, insurgents attacked an air force base, destroying two helicopters, twenty security personnel were killed and two soldiers wounded. 24 Boko Haram fighters were killed. 1     1           20      
26-Nov Katu Kapang, Plateau State Suspected Fulani 13   Part of a coordinated night attack on 4 different predominately Christian villages.   1           13          
26-Nov Daron, Plateau State Suspected Fulani 8   Part of a coordinated night attack on 4 different predominately Christian villages.   1           8          
26-Nov Tul, Plateau State Suspected Fulani 9   Part of a coordinated night attack on 4 different predominately Christian villages.   1           9          
26-Nov Rawuru, Plateau State Suspected Fulani 7   Part of a coordinated night attack on 4 different predominately Christian villages.   1           7          
15-Nov Jos, Plateau Gang members 1   A 13-year old girl was kidnapped while running an errand and killed by gang members. Her eyes and tongue were removed, and her body was later discovered in an uncompleted building.   1           1          
9-Nov Benue State Fulani 25   Fulani gunmen killed 25 Christians in seven villages.                            7           25          
8-Nov Benue State Fulani 3 + Two Christian communities of Ikpele and Okpopolo were attacked by the Muslim Fulani herdsmen in a raid that resulted in the killing of three persons, injuring many others, and the displacement of about 6,000 Christians.                              2           3          
26-Oct Gwoza, Borno State Suspected Boko Haram 4 Suspected Boko Haram members attacked an army outpost near the border with Cameroon with Rpg’s and IED’s killing four soldiers and stealing their patrol vehicle. 1 1 4
25-Oct Damaturu, Yobe State Boko Haram 31  + Boko Haram members attacked several military outposts throughout the state capital, killing at least 31, although no official number has been released. The military responded and reportedly killed several dozen of the insurgents. 1 31
22-Oct Gatha-Musa, Borno State Gunmen 3 3 Christians killed and 37 houses burned University of Maiduguri 1 3
21-Oct Logomani, Borno State Suspected Boko Haram 8 Gunmen disguised as military returned to logomani and invaded the village. Eight villagers were shot and killed before soldiers arrived and chased them off. 1 8
21-Oct Kondunga, Borno State Boko Haram 10 Boko Haram members killed three vigilantes after a failed ambush and then invaded the village and killed seven villagers. 1 10
20-Oct Benue State Fulani 22 Muslim Fulani herdsmen attacked Christian communities in the Guma Local Government Area, killing 22 Christian peasant farmers and destroying property. 1 22
20-Oct Logomani, Borno State Boko Haram 20 10 Boko Haram gunmen stopped traffic travelling down the highway and had drivers and passengers lie down on the side of the road and summarily shot them. They then fled on motorcycles before they could kill everyone with the news that soldiers were on their way. 1 20
19-Oct Kwatara, Bauchi State Boko Haram 1 church destroyed, 8 houses razed, and 10 families were displaced. University of Maiduguri 1
19-Oct Agatu LGA, Benue State Fulani 16 16 killed by Muslim Fulani gunmen. Minchakpu Communications 1 16
18-Oct Kodo Mada, Nassarawa State Suspected Fulani 1 Suspected Fulani killed the head of the village, robbed his home, gang raped one of his family members, and kidnapped several villagers in the early morning. 1 1
13-Oct Agatu LGA, Benue State Fulani 15 15 killed by Muslim Fulani gunmen at Ogwule-Ankpa. Minchakpu Communications 1 15
13-Oct Oguchi, Benue State Suspected Fulani 15 Fulani herdsmen invaded the town and killed 15 as they slept in their homes. 1 15
12-Oct Benue State Fulani 21 Fulani herdsman attacked several villages in a coordinated effort and killed 21 throughout the state. They invaded villages and killed mostly women and children, as the men were out in the fields, and burned down many buildings in the process. 1 21
12-Oct Oguchi-Ankpa  Benue State Fulani 30 Christians were killed in their sleep after Muslim Fulani herdsmen broke into their homes. Houses, church buildings and other property were destroyed in the attacks. 1 30
12-Oct Maje Village, Yobe State Suspected Boko Haram 4 Suspected Boko Haram terrorists entered the village at around 9:30 at night and murdered 4 villagers. 1 4
10-Oct Bakin Kogi, Plateau State Fulani 10 Fulani attack 3 villages and kill 10 Christians Minchakpu Communications 1 10
10-Oct Plateau State Fulani 2 Fulani gunsmen raided two villages in central Plateau State and killed two Christian villagers 1 2
10-Oct Kukek, Plateau State Fulani 14 2 Fulani herdsman murdered 14, including a Christian family of nine. Two family members were injured in the attack. 1 14
9-Oct Rijaya-Giwa, Nassarawa State Suspected Fulani 4 Fulani herdsman invaded the village and killed four herders,-nasarawa.html 1 4
8-Oct Agatu LGA, Benue State Fulani 175 Fulani attack and kill 175 Christians in 3 villages Minchakpu Communications 1 175
8-Oct Zaria City, Kaduna State Armed Gunmen 1 Armed gunmen robbed a gas station near Zaria City and killed a witness. 1 1
7-Oct Damboa, Borno State Boko Haram 7 Boko Haram lured Muslims to a mosque with calls to prayer, then gunned them down when they entered to worship. 1 7
6-Oct Gwoza, Borno State Suspected Boko Haram 2 Boko Haram attacked the town and shot sporadically and aimlessly. They killed a female nurse and a prison guard while they were in their homes. 1 2
5-Oct Zangang, Kaduna State Fulani 15 Fulani herdsman attacked the villagers with guns and burned down many of their houses and buildings, displacing hundreds of villagers and killing fifteen local Christians 1 15
5-Oct Ejima, Benue State Fulani 3 Fulani attacked farmers in Benue State early in the morning as they were preparing to go to work. 1 3
5-Oct Maiduguri, Borno State Boko Haram 5 Boko Haram attacked worshippers in a mosque, killing five Muslims, The Nigerian Army retaliated and killed fifteen insurgents. 1 5
4-Oct Benue State Fulani 3 Fulani gunmen attacked Ejima, killing three Christians 1 3
2-Oct Borno State Suspected Boko Haram 1 3 One soldier was killed and three were wounded in an attack by Boko Haram 1 1
30-Sep Borno State Boko Haram 7 Boko Haram killed seven and burned their vehicles near their headquarters in Borno State 1 7
29-Sep Gujba, Yobe State Boko Haram 78 18 Boko haram miltants murdered 42 students at the College of Agriculture while they slept in their hostels, but then moved on into the community and murdered an additional 36 residents of the town. There were also 18 injured in the shooting. 1 1 42 36
29-Sep Benue State Fulani 13 Muslim gunmen killed 13 Christians in the Agatu area in the early hours of that Sunday morning as they began worship services. 1 13
29-Sep Benesheik, Borno State Suspected Boko Haram 10 Suspected Boko Haram stopped two cars driving on the highway to Maiduguri and beheaded the passengers and drivers. 1 10
29-Sep Kaduna State Fulani 15 12 Fulani herdsman lay seige to a predominantly Christian village and killed 15 christians and then burned down their houses and a church. Minchakpu Communications 1 15
28-Sep Uvaha, Borno State Boko Haram 1 church destroyed and 3 girls abducted, who later escaped. University of Maiduguri 1
28-Sep Agatu LGA, Benue State Fulani 13 Fulani herdsman attacked a village and killed ten while destroying homes, fields, and fish ponds. A reprisal attack on a fulani settlement left 23 fulanis dead. 1 13
27-Sep Gavva West, Borno State Unknown Gunmen 7 7 EYN Members Killed & 75 houses burnt Minchakpu Communications 1 7
27-Sep Malumti, Borno State Boko Haram 4 Boko Haram stopped a car with five passengers and killed the four male passengers but spared the sole female’s life. 1 4
27-Sep Barawa Village, Borno State Unknown Gunmen 1 1 killed, 19, houses burnt, and 9 churches destroyed Minchakpu Communications 1 1
26-Sep Kano State Suspected Boko Haram 3 Boko Haram gunmen attacked and killed a pastor and his two children and then proceeded to burn down the church before fleeing. 1 3
26-Sep Borno State Boko Haram 21 2 Boko Haram militants shot and killed 21 wards of the government while two others sustained serious injuries. 1 21
25-Sep Lafia, Nassarawa state Muslim Mob 7 Mob of 30 attacks a church with clubs and knives Minchakpu Communications 1
25-Sep Borno State Boko Haram 6 4 Boko Haram members shot and killed six government workers and injured four in an attack in a Borno State border town. 1 6
24-Sep Barawa Village, Borno State Boko Haram 1 1 killed and 1 church destroyed. Over 57 families displaced University of Maiduguri 1 1
24-Sep Kunde-Gindin, Borno State Boko Haram 1 1 person killed and one church destroyed University of Maiduguri 1 1
24-Sep Chikide, Borno State Boko Haram 1 church was destroyed and 5 homes burned down, displacing 10 families University of Maiduguri 1
22-Sep Kabuga, Kano State Suspected Boko Haram 1 2 Boko Haram attacked a police checkpoint, engaged in a short fire fight with three policemen on surveillance duty, and left one dead and two injured 1 1
20-Sep Damboa, Borno State Suspected Boko Haram 14 Suspected Boko Haram militants attacked a village and killed 14 residents 1 14
20-Sep Fadagwe Krista, Borno State Boko Haram 5 5 people killed and 4 churches were destroyed, with 37 houses razed as well. University of Maiduguri 1 5
20-Sep Nbiyak Village, Plateau State Boko Haram/Fulani 2 Boko Haram attacked Nbiyak Village and killed two villagers in the early morning 1 2
19-Sep Damboa, Borno State Suspected Boko Haram 8 Suspected Boko Haram attacked a bank van carrying money and killed 8 government and bank officials in the process. 1 8
19-Sep Borno State Boko Haram 34 Boko Haram disguised as solders halted travellers driving from Maiduguri to Bamboa and killed them on the roadside. 1 34
18-Sep Kaga Town, Borno State Boko Haram 23 23 were killed when Boko Haram, disguised as military, attacked villagers and drivers in Kaga and on the Maiduguri-Damaturu road. Around 100 buildings in the town were razed as well. 1 23
18-Sep Borno State Boko Haram 16 Government security forces conducted a raid on a Boko Haram stronghold but were caught in an intense firefight where 15 soldiers and one officer were killed. The Army reported more than 150 insurgent deaths 1 16
18-Sep Yadi Buni, Yobe State Boko Haram 2 Boko Haram engaged in a shootout with soldiers, leaving one soldier dead. As they fled the town they set fire to several buildings, including the divional police chief’s home whose wife was burned to death. 1 2
17-Sep Borno State Boko Haram 143 Boko Haram disguised as soldiers stopped traffic travelling in between Maiduguri and Damaturu, dragged out passengers from their vehicles and killed them on the roadside. Most were vigilante members or other authority/resistance figures. 1 143
17-Sep Benesheik, Borno State Boko Haram 50 Boko Haram, disguised as soldiers, surrounded and invaded the town of Benesheik and killed 50 security personnel, locals, and others. They utilized AK47s, RPGs, and IEDs. 1 1 50
13-Sep Borno State Boko Haram 40 Boko Haram militants ambushed an army outpost and killed at least 40 soldiers. 65 soldiers remain missing 1 40
13-Sep Borno State Boko Haram 3 Boko Haram robbed and killed three civilians in search of food after Nierian military units destroyed one of their camps. 1 3
12-Sep Borno State Boko Haram 16 9 Nigerian soldiers attacked a Boko Haram outpost and killed over 150 insurgents. 16 soldiers were killed and nine are missing. 1 16
11-Sep Adamawa State Suspected Boko Haram 2 1 Suspected Boko Haram gunmen bombed a police station and murdered two police officers and injured another 1 1 2
10-Sep Jos, Plateau State Fulani Herdsman 6 Fulani herdsman killed five members of a Christian family and one man as they fled the scene. 1 6
9-Sep Benishiek, Borno State Boko Haram 14 Residents of Benishiek clashed with Boko Haram after the Islamists invaded their town. Fourteen residents died along with at least three Boko Haram members 1 14
9-Sep Plateau State Suspected Fulani 5 Suspected Fulani gunmen stopped a bus and separated the Christian passengers and summarily murdered them. 1 5
8-Sep Benishiek, Borno State Boko Haram 17 18 Members of Boko Haram climbed into trees and  ambushed members of a vigilante group that was on patrol in the area. 1 17
7-Sep Benishiek, Borno State Boko Haram 10 Boko Haram set up a road block on the Maiduguri-Daturu highway, stoppend vehicles, and killed 9 civilians and 1 aide from the Borno State Governor’s office 1 10
5-Sep Gwoza, Borno State Unknown Gunmen 6 6 people killed in an attack on a police station. Stephanos Foundation 1 6
5-Sep Jos, Plateau State Fulani Herdsman 1 Fulani Herdsmen attacked Gyang Dangana as he was half a kilometer into the village. He survived and is now receiving treatment. Stephanos Foundation 1
5-Sep Gajiran, Borno State Suspected Boko Haram 15 Boko haram opened fire in an open market, killing 15 people. 1 15
5-Sep Maiduguri, Borno State Suspected Boko Haram 9 Boko Haram attacked a government office that killed 9, including a top Aide to the Governor of Borno. The assailants also abducted a family of 5 while fleeing 1 9
9-Sep Gyel, Bukuru, Jos South LGA, Plateau State 3 3 people of the same family were brutally killed in night attack. Stephanos Foundation 1 3
3-Sep Kunte-Kuru, Plateau State Muslim Militia 6 Militia attacked and killed a Christian family, including their young daughter Minchakpu Communications 1 6
3-Sep Gura Dabwam, Plateau State Fulani Herdsman 3 1 Fulani herdsman raided the village and killed three Christians; a man and his two sons. The man’s wife was seriously injured in the attack. 1 3
2-Sep Atakad, Kaduna State Suspected Fulani 7 4 Suspected Fulani attacked the village and killed 6 villagers in their homes while also killing one on the hillside beside the village. Six fulanis were later arrested. 1 7
1-Sep Jos, Plateau State Suspected Fulani 6 Fulani attacked a Christian family in a vllage outside Jos and killed all five members of the family that were in the house at the time. They then killed another Christian as they fled from the scene. All were members of the Church of Christ in Nations congregation. 1 6
1-Sep Borno State Suspected Boko Haram 14 Suspected Boko Haram attacked a village in Borno State, killing 14 herdsman. 1 14
1-Sep Adu Village, Kaduna State Fulani 9 3 Fulani herdsman conducted 2 simultaneous attacks in Kaduna state that resulted in the deaths of 9 Christians and wounded 3 others. All were members of St. Andrews Catholic Church in Adu Village. 1 9
31-Aug Monguno, Borno State Boko Haram 24 Boko Haram members disguised as military personnel ambushed more than 100 vigilantes who were attempting to arrest members of the group. 34 people are also reported to be missing. 1 24
29-Aug Jos, Plateau State Suspected Fulani 5 4 Armed Gunmen stopped a mini-bus and ordered the five Christian passengers onboard to lie on the ground. They also stopeed one Christian man riding his motorbike. The gunmen proceeded to shoot and kill the five Christians, which gave the sixth man an opportunity to escape to his village. 1 5
29-Aug Bisichi, Plateau State Suspected Fulani 6 Five men and one pregnant woman were ambushed and killed by gunmen on their way back from a Bukuru market. 1 6
26-Aug. Damasak, Borno State Suspected Boko Haram 6 Suspected Boko Haram crept up on sleeping members of a group, which calls itself the Civilian Joint Task Force, as they slept in a guesthouse and shot them dead. 1 6
25-Aug Bama, Borno State Suspected Boko Haram 18 10 Suspected Boko Haram fighters disguised in military uniforms stormed a meeting of one vigilante group in Bama trying to fight back against the group in north-east Borno state, opening fire and killing 14. 4 more later died from injury. 1 18
24-Aug Dumba Village, Borno  State Suspected Borno Haram 35 14 Reports state that between 35 and 44 people were murdered by suspected Boko Haram members. Boko Haram militants reportedly stormed the village of Dumba and slashed the throats of at least 35 of the villagers and then proceeded to burn down many of their homes as the villagers fled to Maiduguri.. 1 35
20-Aug. Gwoza, Borno State Suspected Boko Haram 2 Gunmen suspected to be Boko Haram, attacked Police Station in Gwoza around 8pm and killed 2 officers. JTF responded rapidly and killed 7 of the gunmen. Stephanos Foundation 1 2
19-Aug. Dumba Village, Borno State Boko Haram 30 14 Dumba village in Borno State was raided by Boko Haram. They killed over 30 and left 14 injured. Due to the remote location of this village and lack of telephone network, the attack was not known. This shows how vulnerable minority people are now in Northern Nigeria. Stephanos Foundation 1 30
17-Aug. Lafia, Nasarawa State Muslim Mob 5+ A Muslim mob with knives and iron rods injured several members of an Anglican church in Nasarawa state, Nigeria on Aug. 17 over a dispute about less than 1 cent in change, area Christians said. 1
15-Aug Plateau State Suspected Fulani 28 Fulani gunmen attacked several villages throughout the state, leaving 28 civilians and soldiers (unknown breakdown) dead. In the ensuing gun battle with the military, 20 of the herdsman were also killed 1 28
11-Aug. Maiduguri, Borno State Boko Haram 56 Boko Haram gunned down 44 worshippers at a mosque in Konduga village. 12 civilians were killed in a simultaneous attack. 1 1 44 12
10-Aug. Sokoto State Boko Haram Boko Haram hideout at Gidan-Igwai area of Sokoto, according to Army reports. Opteration was carried out to curb the influx of extremists from Borno, Yobe, and Adamawa. No evidence of arrests yet. On the 9th the Army said they arrested 1000 suspects in 3 months of the emergency state operations but Nigerians fear those arrested maybe mostly innocent people. Stefanos Foundation
7-Aug Biu Town, Borno State Boko Haram 53 53 Christians killed. 16 were handcuffed and burnt alive in their church. Minchakpu Communications 1 53
7-Aug. Borno State Boko Haram 20 20 feared killed in Gambaru Ngata town. A renewed violence in Borno State wich started two months before. 24 hour curfew has been imposed in Potiskum as the JTF battle the radical Muslim outburst after Ramadan. This fresh flow of violence from Boko Haram could be inline with the threats from Yemen that the UK and US have taken measures agaisnt. Stefanos Foundation 1 20
3-Aug. Borno State JTF Youth 5 Five persons were killed following a deadly clash between two rival vigilante youth groups seeking to curb the menace posed by the Boko Haram. Concern that the Civilian JTF maybe a clear religious cleansing militia in disguise. Stefanos Foundation 1 5
1-Aug. Borno State Suspected Boko Haram 8 Men suspected to be Boko Haram members attacked the College of Education, Waka in Biu LGA of Borno State. Eight people including a lecturer were slaughtered. Victims names have not been disclosed for reasons. Members of the sect have vowed to attack other schools among other areas. Stefanos Foundation 1 8
29-Jul Kano City, Kano State Suspected Boko Haram 45 Two Churches bombed in Kano City, Kano. At least 45 people died.                        1 1 45
29-Jul Wase, Plateau State Boko Haram 1 Boko Haram from Wase attacked 2 areas in Wase LGA. Wurmat near Jawondo and Zamitep near Gwiwankogi. Death toll unknown. Mr. Jacob confirmed dead and five houses where burnt down at Zamitep. Stefanos Foundation 1 1
29-Jul Sabon Gari area of Kano State Suspected Boko Haram 12 Police say 12 people are dead after multiple explosions that rocked the Christian Sabon Gari area of Kano State in northern Nigeria, despite continuing government efforts to restore peace. 1 1 12
26-Jul Bauchi State 1 Attack in Bauchi State between Gosheand Kardam in T/Balewa LGA of Bauchi State, in which Mr. Andrawus Shagiya was killed. Stefanos Foundation 1 1
25-Jul Yamini, Plateau State Yamini is being burned. Gunshots heardall over the area. Villagers from Karkashi, Timshat, and Nasarawa are relocating to other villages. Stefanos Foundation 1
18-Jul Duni Village, Plateau State Suspected Boko Haram 6 Suspected Boko Haram militants stormed the village and killed six Christian residents 1 6
12-Jul Borno State Police/JTF Police killed over three dozen Boko Haram members after shots broke out during an investigation. One officer was killed and one was wounded.
12-Jul Kaduna State Gunmen 2 Gunmen kill two police in Kaduna. 1 2
6-Jul Mamudo Village, Yobe State Boko Haram 42 6 Boko Haram gunmen opened fire on a secondary school and threw explosives into a classroom window, killing 41 students and their teacher. Six students escaped with gunshot wounds and were treated in the hospital. 1 42
5-7-Jul Guma, Benue State Fulani 60 Fulani heardsmen attacked and killed 60 Christians in Guma area villages, according to church leaders. 1 60
2-Jul Fajul in Langtang South, Plateau State Fulani Fulani militia has taken their attack to Fajul in Langtang South. Villagers call for help. Fajul in Langtang South 1
1-Jul Benue State Fulani 40 Fulani gunmen attacked Christians in Okpanchenyi village, killing 40 people. 1 40
28-Jun Tanjol hamlet of Jol community, Riyom LGA, Plateau State Fulani 4 hecters of maize farm land of the Beroms were grazed by Fulani herds at Tanjol Hamlet community, Stefanos Foundation 1
28-Jun Sabongidaand Madubi, South of Plateau State Boko Haram More militia has arrived in Yelwa targeting Sabongida and Mabudi of South Langtang. The terrorist have more sofisticated ammunitions. Stefanos Foundation 1
27-Jun Langtang, South of Plateau State Fulani STF reported Fulani gunmen engaged them in a shootout for several hours as they intervened in an attack on villages in Langtang South. 20 Fulani Malitia were killed and 2 arrested. Attackers with drew towards Yamini. Patrols have now been set up. Stefanos Foundation 1
27-Jun Plateau State Fulani 33 24 dead so far in Magama and 9 in Bolgang, although total dead may still be more as others are still being discovered. Attackers followed victims on motorcyclesas they tried to escape. Many bodies were found in bushes, more still to be found. Stefanos Foundation 1 33
27-Jun Langtang, South of Plateau State Fulani Fulani attacked Bolgan, Magama anf then entered Karashi in Langtang, South of Plateau. Students writing their NECO exams feared to be dead. Houses and vehicles burned. Area is now deserted. Military did not respond even though there was for knowledge of the possibility of this attack. Stefanos Foundation 1
27-Jun Shikal, Plateau State Funani Fulani militia attacked Magama in Langtang South. Gun shots heard all over. Soldier did not step in. Stefanos Foundation 1
25-Jun Foron district Barakin Ladi LGA, Plateau State Fulani 2 Fulani militia attacked Rebet community of Bakin Kogi village in Foron district Barakin Ladi LGA. They killed 2 people, Yakubu Ishaya and Jawo Gyang, and took around 50 cattle. Stefanos Foundation 1 2
24-Jun Gamboru, Borno State Boko Haram 9 Boko Haram attacked and killed nine students that were on their way to take school exams 1 9
23-Jun Plateau State 4 Muslims from Wase attacked Taroh indiginous people from Duwi at midnight. No loss of life although some houses burned. Attackers pursued to Wase but Taroh vigilantees were repelled by STF armoured car and four men were injured. A Muslim militia group appeared to have been shielded and aided by STF in Wase to terrorize the Tarohs. Stefanos Foundation 1
22-Jun Bolgang, Plateau State Fulani 9 It took 6 days for STF to respond to 16- Jun report of planned attack by Fulani militia on Yamini. Though effective response moved the militia to Shikal. 22-Jun cry for intervention on planned attack on Bolgang and Magama was not heeded and now Bolgang has been completely burned with 9 killed. Attackers were overwhelming Magama and Karkashi at time of the report. Stefanos Foundation 1 9
20-Jun Borno/ Adamawa Border Boko Haram 1 Limankara community at the Borno and Adamawa border was attacked by Boko Haram. Many were killed including a pastor. Many fled the killings in Gwoza to settle in Limankara, awaiting military victory over Boko Haram. Limankara is a mobil police training base. Stefanos Foundation 1 1
20-Jun Zamfara State Fulani 48 48 people killed during a cattle rustling terror in the Kizara community. Attackers camped out at a near by hill and attacked at dawn. First randomly shot before going door to door killing. Among the dead are the community chief, Imam and leader of the vigilantee group of the area. Stefanos Foundation 1 48
20-Jun Yamini, Plateau State Fulani Mobile Police have arrived in Yamini/Kuka axis. Fulani Militia have been asked to leave but not to disarm. Fulani herdsmen still around near by villages of Shikal and Lawur. Those at Shikal raise concerns over their farm lands and safety. Stefanos Foundation 1
20-Jun Yamini, Plateau State Fulani 9 9 Commuters killed. As herdsmen start to stop and kill commuters on Yelwa Ibi road. Kuka/ Bolgang, and Karkashi/Yamini borders are at risk. Stefanos Foundation 1 9
20-Jun Benue State Fulani Fulani Herdsman pulling towards Benue. Fulani militia are being drafted to the area and given Nigerian army uniforms to confuse people. Nigerian army still has no presence in Shendam and Langtang South Border, Yamini. Stefanos Foundation 1
18-Jun Wase, Plateau State Boko Haram? Muslims from Wae town have burned down houses in Bakin-rijiya community. Stefanos Foundation 1
18-Jun Bakin Rijiya, Adamawa State Boko Haram 1 One Christian villager killed and 4 churches destroyed Minchakpu Communications 1 1
18-Jun Plateau State Fulani 1 Fulani herdsman killed a Christian man and burned down four buildings in a village outside Jos 1 1
18-Jun Yamini, Plateau State Fulani Military has not yet responded. Fulani herdsmen have terrorised people and cut down all crops from every farm. Herdsmen planning to expand and move to Karkashi and Tongchin villages. Stefanos Foundation 1
17-Jun Yamini, Plateau State Fulani Attack continues into Kuka village. Stefanos Foundation 1
17-Jun Yamini, Plateau State Fulani Fulani attack conintues from Shendam to Karkashi and Timshat border of Yamini. People are fleeing villages. Stefanos Foundation 1
16-Jun Yamini, Plateau State Fulani Fulani unleashed gun battle on ethnic people in Shendam and Langtang South border, Yamini. Stefanos Foundation 1
16-Jun Kumbur, Plateau State Lyanjit Market attack might have spurred on an attack in Kumbur where houses were set a blaze. Stefanos Foundation 1
15-Jun Zongo, Wase LGA, Plateau State Crops belonging to Taroh people were cut down in their farms. Stefanos Foundation 1
15-Jun Gwoza Hills, Borno State Fulani 1 Mr. Thomas Dangyang killed in a Fulani ambush along Jol-Barkin Ladi road. Stefanos Foundation 1 1
15-Jun Hwa’a Village, Borno State Gunmen 1 A pastor was killed and 4 churches destroyed Minchakpu Communications 1 1
14-Jun Gwoza, Borno State 1 Isa Musa Barawa was killed when he went to condole a family. Stefanos Foundation 1 1
13-Jun Pwadiduk, Kurra Falls, Barakin Ladi LGA, Plateau State Suspected Fulani Berom Woman, Laraba Anyiyi went to farm and didn’t return. Suspected that she was killed by Fulani Herdsmen. Blood found on her farm with a trail leading to the forest. Fulani Herdsman watched as people discovered it. Stefanos Foundation 1
13-Jun Tatsa, Gwoza Hills, Borno State Boko Haram 1 Boko Haram continued their killings in Gwoza as Mr. Idi Wasa was gunned down. Stefanos Foundation 1 1
13-Jun Gwoza, Borno State Boko Haram 3 Four churches burned and 3 killed.,2013(3).pdf 1 3
12-Jun Gwoza, Borno State Gwoza people jubilate as soldiers arrive in Gwoza. 25 vans full of troops sent to the border towns behind the Mandara Hills. Stefanos Foundation 1
11-Jun Ichama Village, Okpokwu LGA, Benue State Fulani 1 One killed by Fulani rubbers. Also, over 40 cattle belonging to the Catholic Church Otukpo were led away. A number of people were injured. Stefanos Foundation 1 1
11-Jun Arboko and Chinene, Gwoza Hills, Borno State Boko Haram Churches were burned. Both Muslims and Christians have deserted Gwoza. Analists say masterminds of Boko Haram have strategized to annihiliate ethnic minorities in a continuation of Sharia in Northern Nigeria. Believed Boko Haram men terrorising Gwoza Hills area are located out of Wa’a Hills. Sources say their leaders are at Drohgwe, around Wa’a Hills. Stefanos Foundation 1
11-Jun Tokombare District, Gwoza, Borno State Boko Haram 1 Ethnic Muslim, cousin of the Emir of Gwoza was killed. Stefanos Foundation 1 1
11-Jun Lanton Village of Wase, Plateau State Hausa and Fulani Militants 1 1 Lanton Village was attacked by Hausa and Fulani Militants in the morning. A woman was killed and her child injured. Stefanos Foundation 1 1
10-Jun Gwoza Hills, Borno State Boko Haram 1 Boko Haram killed Rev. Jacob Kwizer of the COCIN Church. The appeal for soldiers to protect the Hills and stop Boko Haram from taking on the area appeared to fall on deaf ears and made room for this incident . Stefanos Foundation 1 1
10-Jun Gharaza, Tatsa, Kund, and other villages in Gwoza Hills, Borno State Boko Haram Finally burned all churches in these areas. Stefanos Foundation 1
9-Jun Damboa, Borno State Boko Haram 1 Islamic Cleric of Mahamdiya sect was killed by Boko Haram. Sources said the Boko Haram members kill anyone they percieve as a threat to thier operations. Gwoza needs special attention. Stefanos Foundation 1 1
8-Jun Kamba Village, Gwoza LGA, Borno State Boko Haram 2 Two Christians were killed by Boko Haram members where COCIN Church had been burned a few days prior. Stefanos Foundation 1 2
8-Jun Benue State Fulani 1 + Fulani gunmen attacked a Roman Catholic Church farm at Ichama Christian community of Okpokwu Local Government Area of Benue state. 1 1
7-Jun Dadinkowa, Gombe State Josphin Lubo was abducted when she went missing on the 29th of May. The Muslim abducters announced she is now a Muslim and has been with them. Ethnic non-Muslims have complained against this act of crime. Stefanos Foundation 1
6-Jun Gwiwankogi and Zamchang, Plateau State 3 Attack on Wase Taroh left 3 Taroh people dead at Gwiwankogi and 12 houses burned at Zamchang but attackers were repelled at Bakinrijya. Eyewitnesses said soldier who arrived at Gwiwankogi later said they were prepared to kill any Taroh they found defending with arms. Stefanos Foundation 1 3
6-Jun Kushasha village, Niger State Fulani 9 9 people killed in Fulani attack on Kushasha village. Stefanos Foundation 1 9
5-Jun Gwoza, Borno State Boko Haram COCIN Church Kamba was burned. Gwoza Christians feel doomed by the state of emergency as no soldier presence in the area has given Boko Haram freedom to kill Christians and burn their churches. Stefanos Foundation 1
3-Jun Benue State Fulani 45 45 Christians were killed by armed Muslim Fulani herdsmen in Agatu Local Government Area 1 45
2-Jun Gashish District of Barakin Ladi LGA, Plateau State Fulani 1 Same community found their farm crops cut down and their houses were burned down later that day in Tawala village. One person was killed. Stefanos Foundation 1 1
1-Jun Gashish District of Barakin Ladi LGA, Plateau State Fulani 2 Fulani attacked Bende community in Gashish District of Barakinladi LGA. A man and woman were killed in the attack. Stefanos Foundation 1 2
31-May Gashua LGA, Yobe State 1 ECWA Pastor was killed. Stefanos Foundation 1 1
29-May Daya Village, Potiskum, Yobe State 1 Officer of Daya village near Potiskum was killed. His son escaped the attack and warned Christians in the nearby community. The community fled. Their houses were all destroyed by the attackers. Residents wonder whether ineffective state of emergency is not leaving them in more danger. Stefanos Foundation 1 1
27-May Mongunu LGA, Borno State Boko Haram 24 Boko Haram attacked Army Base in Mongunu LGA. Official report says 24 people were killed and among them was Rev. Luka Bulus of COCIN Church. An eye witness said the attackers were chanting “Allah’ U akbar, we won against the infidel.” Stefanos Foundation 1 24
25-May Gwoza Hills, Borno State Boko Haram 1 1 Churches in Gharaza, Tadigle and Himbe in Gowza Hills were burned. Also Kunde Clinic also in Gowza Hills was vandalized. Joel Nage was killed and Kwasa was wounded in the attack on Gharaza. This has made it clear that Boko Haram has tried to take on Gwaza Hills. Stefanos Foundation 1 1
24-May Gwoza, Borno State Boko Haram 1 Woman killed in Gwoza village but no soldiers in Gwoza town. Stefanos Foundation 1 1
24-May Gwoza, Borno State Boko Haram 2 Two gunned down in the afternoon. Rev. Luka Bazhigila of All Denomination Church and Yohana the dry cleaner. They were two of the few left in the town after many had left for fear of the reoccuring attacks. Stefanos Foundation 1 2
24-May Maiduguri, Borno State Islamist 1 Islamists kill a Christian woman in her home. Minchakpu Communications 1 1
23-May Gwoza, Borno State Boko Haram 2 Two were reported killed yet no soldier in Gwoza to protect the people. Stefanos Foundation 1 2
22-May Guma LGA, Benue State Fulani and Alago 9 A combined group of Fulani Herdsman and Alago attackers killed 9. One of the bodies is still missing. The attack was on the village of Yandev, tse Ama at 7:46am. Stefanos Foundation 1 9
22-May Agatu LGA, Benue State 1 3 Those who went to bury their dead from the attack the day before were ambused. 4 people were taken. One was found dead, the others remain missing. Stefanos Foundation 1 1
21-May Agatu LGA, Benue State 1 Olegedege Village in Agatu LGA of Benue was attacked leaving one dead. Many deserted the village for safety. Stefanos Foundation 1 1
17-May Maiduguri, Borno State Boko Haram 15 Boko Haram attacked an examination hall and murdered fifteen students. 1 15
16-May Damaturu, Yobe State Boko Haram 9 Boko Haram fired on a student dormitory, killing seven students and two teachers. 1 9
15-May Maiduguri, Borno State Boko Haram 1 Boko Haram kills a pastor in front of his young daughter. Minchakpu Communications 1 1
15-May Wase, Plateau State 1 5 Taroh of Wase Tofa, Plateau State was attacked. Several houses were burned. 6 were injured in the attack. One died later, the other 5 needed treatment. Stefanos Foundation 1 1
14-May Jos South, Plateau State Fulani Fulani cattles destroyed farms in Kuru Karama, Jos South LGA this evening. Soldiers trying to settle scores between farms and cattle owners. Stefanos Foundation 1
14-May Borno State Boko Haram 1 Reverend Faye Pama Musa has been shot dead inside his Maiduguri residence by members of the radical Islamic group. 1 1
14-May Agatu LGA, Benue State Fulani 50 50 Christians killed during a funeral ceremony Minchakpu Communications 1 50
12-May~15-May Zagang Atakar of Kaura LGA, Kaduna State 10 Attack on Zagang began on Sunday. Sources said violence subsided on May 15th, but but Ashin and Misi villages of Fadan Atakar District remain tense. In Zagang, 10 bodies discovered so far. Four villages touched, unestimated number of churches, houses and schools were burnt. Stefanos Foundation 4 10
12-May Benue State Fulani 83 Fulani herdsmen in the Okpanchenyi and Ekwo Christian communities of Agatu killed 45 Christians. Church leaders said a massive number of Muslim Fulani herdsmen invaded the area on the Sunday night and killed 38 people, while the others were killed in another attack in the early hours of the next day. 1 83
12-May Wase, Plateau State Fulani 3 Bodies of a Taroh man and two women were found at Rafin Kurmi area of Wase, Plateau State on Sunday May 12th. Tension rose in Wase early this year when the Fulani killed one of their own, accused for nursing plans of killing a fellow fulani for rituals. Taroh people of Wase LGA, Plateau State questioned the activities of men of the Nigerian Army around their area as their presence have brought about silent killings all around the area. Stefanos Foundation 1 3
12-May Okpachanyi Village, Benue State Fulani 47 47 people gunned down in Okpachanyi village in Agatu LGA of Benue State by fulani Normads. Stefanos Foundation 1 47
12-May Kaduna State Fulani 10 They were said to have blasted through Zangar Atakar village, opening fire in all directions.
There was no immediate confirmation of deaths, but no fewer than 10 persons were said to have been injured. 1
8-May Karim Lamido, Taraba State Fulani 12 12 people reported killed at Karim Lamido in Taraba State. Fulani nomards have engaged on minorities’ village raiding for sometime now. Villagers believe it’s in contribution to the shari’a campaign in Northern Nigeria. Stefanos Foundation 1 12
7-May Bama, Borno State Boko Haram 42 The attackers struck the federal prison, killing 14 guards there, Musa said. They also attacked and razed a police station, a police barracks, a magistrate’s court and local government offices, the lieutenant colonel said.At least 22 police officers, three children and a woman were killed in those attacks, said Bama police commander Sagir Abubakar. 4 36 6
7-May T/Balewa, Bauchi State Muslim Muslim raiders attacked mintokshi in T/Balewa of Bauchi state this morning around 1:45 am. And set four Houses ablaze. Death or injuries yet to be determined. Stefanos Foundation 1
6-May Gwoza, Borno State Boko Haram Boko Haram members visited Gwoza Wakane Primary school and warned the school to close up. Stefanos Foundation 1
6-May~7-May Bama, Borno State 4 Gunmen attacked a school bus in Bama Borno State, killed the driver, three children and went away with the bus. It was unclear whether children are still in the bus. On May 7th at about 5am, the security men in Bama were engaged in shootout with the criminals. Stefanos Foundation 1 4
5-May Maiduguri, Borno State Report coming in says, Gun shots were heard around 9pm at Custom area of Maiduguri Borno State but nobody seems to hear or know what transpired. Stefanos Foundation
5-May Njilang & Maiha, Adamawa State Boko Haram 10 Gunmen killed 10 people in an attack on a market and a church. The gunmen opened fire in the village market, killing six persons, then proceeded to the church and opened fire there too, killing four more. 1 10
3-May Jos South, Plateau State 1 A group of armed bandits parading the building Material market area shot a man around 9pm at his door step, cut off his head and took it away. Residense express disatisfaction with work of STF as this act can happen between two STF check points with no response until the criminals completed their acts. Stefanos Foundation 1 1
3-May Wukari, Taraba State Fulani 39 30 The bloody clash between the majority Christian Jukun community and the minority Fulani Muslims occurred during a burial procession for a traditional leader from the Jukun tribe. 1 39
29-Apr Bama, Borno State 7 A military official says at least 17 people have been killed in fighting between Islamic extremists and security forces in northeastern Nigeria. 7 were police and 10 were insurgents. 1 7
28-Apr Ringim, Jigawa State Islamic militants 5 Three police men and two civilians were gunned down by suspected terrorists who invaded Ringim town at about 8 p.m. Sunday, attacking a Divisional Police station, a branch of Unity Bank and the residence of immediate past Inspector General of Police, Hafiz Ringim. 1 3 2
25-Apr Bama, Borno State Boko Haram 4 A fresh wave of violence hit the restive parts of Borno, including a police station, bank and military base. 1 4
25-Apr Yobe State Boko Haram 5 2 A total of 25 people, including police and assailants, were killed on Thursday in a crossfire between military operatives and gunmen in Gashua Town of Bade local government area of northeast Nigeria’s Yobe State 1 5
25-Apr Adamawa State Boko Haram 1 Boko Haram Attacks Home Town Of Governor Nyako Of Adamawa State. 1 1
24-Apr Gashua, Yobe State Islamic extremists 7 Nigeria’s military says at least seven people have been killed in a shootout between soldiers and Islamic extremists in the country’s northeast. 1 7
24-Apr Gwoza, Borno State Boko Haram 3 Boko Haram killed reverend Luka Bazigila and two of his church followers in an attack in the town 1 3
24-Apr Benue State Fulani 10 10 Tiv farmers were feared dead in a fresh attack in Guma Local Government Area of Benue State. 1 10
19-Apr Baga, Borno State Boko Haram 187 1,000 Fighting between Boko Haram fighters and Nigeria’s military kills at least 187 people in Baga, a fishing community in Borno state in northeast Nigeria. One military officer died. 1 187
15-Apr Plateau State Fulani 10 Fulani kill ten with guns Nigerian Security Tracker 1 10
10-Apr Jos, Plateau State Fulani 1 4 1 killed and 4 injured in Jos Nigerian Security Tracker 1 1
9-Apr Gwoza, Borno State Muslim Gunmen 3 3 Christians shot and killed, including a pastor’s son. Minchakpu Communications 1 3
9-Apr Borno State Boko Haram 2 Two teachers that were part of Borno State’s program that provides complimentary lunches were killed on their way to a school for a delivery. 1 2
7-Apr Maiduguri, Borno State Boko Haram 1 Boko Haram gunmen killed a primary school teacher while he was eating breakfast in his home with his family. 1 1
7-Apr Maiduguri, Borno State Boko Haram Gun attack on a local EYN Church, attackers were repelled with no casualties.,2013(3).pdf 1
7-Apr Mildu Shalmi village, Adamawa State Boko Haram 14 About 30 of the masked attackers set upon a Church of the Brethren Church building at about 1:40 a.m. on April 7 and over the next three hours, they also attacked the residence of the deputy governor of Adamawa state in the village and a house where Christians were mourning at a wake. 1 14
28-Mar~31-Mar Plateau State Fulani 28 Fulani Muslims suddenly appeared in the village after pouring in from the nearby rocky hills, shooting and killing anyone they found. Nigerian newspaper Leadership reported 17 ethnic Attakar killed in Zilang, nine killed in Mafang, one slain in Mifi and one in Attakar on Saturday and Sunday (March 30-31) alone. 3 28
31-Mar Atakad, Kaduna State Fulani 19 12 19 Christians killed and two churches destroyed. Minchakpu Communications 1 19
29-Mar Barkin Ladi, Plateau State Fulani 9 Attackers raided a village called Bokkos and killed nine people, fleeing before soldiers arrived. 1 9
28-Mar Potiskum, Yobe State Boko Haram 1 Boko Haram fired on a mosque and killed one.,2013(3).pdf 1 1
27-Mar Plateau State Fulani 18 Muslim Fulani herdsmen attacked the village in two separate groups, shooting down anyone they saw. 1 18
26-Mar Riyom, Plateau State Fulani 36 12 Fulani attacked Christian villages and murdered 36 with guns and machetes. Minchakpu Communications 1 36
26-Mar Kano State Boko Haram 41 44 41 Christians murdered in a suicide bombing Minchakpu Communications 1 1 41
25-Mar Kano State Unknown Gunmen 1 Gunmen shot a senior police officer outside his home. 1 1
22-Mar Ganye, Adamawa State Boko Haram 25 3 Prison, police station and bank were attacked by gunmen. At least 25 people were killed, including the prison’s deputy controller, a policeman and a prominent politician, and over 100 inmates were freed at the jail. Three authority figures were killed, with the rest presumed civilians. 1 1 25
20-Mar Plateau State Fulani 35 Herdsmen kill up to 35 Nigerian Security Tracker 1 35
19-Mar Kano State Unknown Bombers 22 65 Two suicide bombers boarded a bus and killed at least 22 people and wounded 65 others. 1 1 22
19-Mar Maiduguri, Borno State Suspected Boko Haram 6 At least 6 men of the Joint Task Force working to keep the peace and suppress the scourge of terrorism were killed when suspected members of the Boko Haram sect hurled explosives at a JTF van near the First Bank branch at the roundabout on Post Office Road in the Borno State capital. 1 6
18-Mar Maiduguri, Borno State Boko Haram 1 3 Killed a teacher and wounded 3 students at a secondary school. 1 1
18-Mar Maiduguri, Borno State Boko Haram 3 3 Nigeria’s Boko Haram sect on Monday attacked a public school, killing 3 teachers and injuring 3 students with stray bullets. 1 3
18-Mar Maiduguri, Borno State Boko Haram 1 1 Three gunmen stormed a secondary school, shooting a teacher and wounding a child. 1 1
18-Mar Kano State Boko Haram 60  + At least 60 people were killed at a bus park in Kano, Nigeria, on Monday after a series of explosions in an area in which the Islamist sect Boko Haram is waging an insurgency against the government. 1 1 60
17-Mar Torok, Plateau State Fulani 2 3 Fulani gunmen kill a Christian family Minchakpu Communications 1 2
15-Mar Gwoza, Borno State Suspected Boko Haram 1 Suspected Boko Haram raided a prison, killing a civilian with a stray bullet and setting free an undefined number of inmates. 1 1
12-Mar Kano State Suspected Islamist gunmen 4 Suspected Islamist gunmen on motorbikes stormed a primary school in Nigeria’s main northern city of Kano on Tuesday and opened fire on teachers, wounding four of them, police said. 1
10-Mar Dakata, Kano State Extremists 5 3 5 Christians killed while returning home from church. Minchakpu Communications 1 5
9-Mar Bauchi State Ansaru 7 On March 9, Ansaru said that they had killed all seven hostages in response to attempts by the United Kingdom and Nigeria to free them. The statement included screen shots of a video purportedly showing a number of dead hostages.[Reuters] 1 7
25-Feb Kano State Boko Haram 1 Boko Haram Suspects kill senior police officer brother of kano police spokesman musa majiya.     1           1      
24-Feb Fika, Yobe State Boko Haram 5 3 Boko Haram attacks a church and murders 5 Christians. Minchakpu Communications 1           5          
23-Feb Kano State Boko Haram 17 1 Boko Haram attacked a factory and separated the Christian workers from the rest and murdered them in cold blood. Minchakpu Communications 1           17          
23-Feb Kaduna State Suspected Fulani 5 11 Suspected fulani herdsman attacked a group of Christians and killed five, including two young children. Eleven other Christians were injured in the atack, including several more children. They also unsuccessfully attempted to bomb the church. 1 1           5          
22-Feb Kogom, Nassarawa State Fulani 10 2 Fulani attacked a Christian family and killed ten, including five children. Minchakpu Communications 1           10          
21-Feb Maiduguri, Borno State Boko Haram 1 6 Maiduguri witnessed heavy bombardment of gunshots and bomb explosions Thursday night, as the Joint Task Force troops engaged Boko Haram men in fierce battle which lasted all night. (Count includes bomber.) 1     1           1      
21-Feb Plateau State Fulani 10 Ten killed with guns and machetes. Nigerian Security Tracker 1           10          
20-Feb Maiduguri, Borno State Boko Haram 2 Two civilians and a suspected bomber are killed in a blast targeting a military patrol vehicle in Maiduguri. 1     1                 2
16-Feb Bauchi State Ansaru 1 The Nigerian militant group Ansaru, which broke from Boko Haram, attacked a local prison in Bauchi State, and then targeted a worker’s camp for construction company Setraco, kidnapping seven foreign workers from the United Kingdom, Greece, Italy and Lebanon. The militants shot and killed one guard at the camp. [Vangaurd] 1 1
15-Feb Maiduguri, Borno State Boko Haram 2 1 Two suicide bombers are killed in an attack targeting a military patrol vehicle in Maiduguri in which at least one soldier is injured. Several homes, shops and vehicles are burnt in the explosion. 1 2
12-Feb Jos, Plateau State Fulani 3 Fulani kill three in Jos Nigerian Security Tracker 1 3
11-Feb Barkin Ladi, Plateau State Unknown Gunmen 3 3 Kassa Village farmers and 2 attackers were killed. 1 3
10-Feb Yobe State Boko Haram 3 Three North Korean doctors serving at a hospital in Nigeria’s northern Yobe state were killed early Sunday morning. 1 3
8-Feb Kano State Suspected Boko Haram 9 Suspected gunmen from the Boko Haram group killed at least nine women vaccinating children against polio in Kano in northern Nigeria. [Guardian]         1           9  
31-Jan Kano State Gunmen 2 Gunmen attacked a police station and killed a policeman and a civilian.     1           1     1
31-Jan Kaduna State Gunmen 2 Suspected Islamist gunmen on motorbikes bombed a police station in Bunkure, burning it to the ground and killing two police. 1     1           2      
31-Jan Kaduna State Gunmen 4 1 Police station and 2 banks attacked, resulting in the deaths of three policemen and one civilian.     1           3     1
31-Jan Borno State JTF 1 17 Boko Haram killed as JTF bombs Boko Haram Training Camp in Borno. Only 1 JTF official was killed. 1     1           1      
27-Jan Borno State Boko Haram BH insurgents attacked JTF troops in the evening, resulting in no casualties reported.     1                  
27-Jan Borno State Boko Haram 8 BH invaded houses including one owned by the former local government councillor; killed 8 residents near Maiduguri. 1           8          
26-Jan Borno State Suspected Boko Haram 2 Firefight between State Security Service (SSS) and suspected terrorists left one official and one civilian dead at Borno Express Central Motor Park in Maiduguri.     1           1     1
25-Jan Maiduguri, Borno State Suspected Boko Haram 1 Hajiya Ya Hauwa Abubakar, mother of 11, was killed in her home in front of children and husband. The incident occurred after she allowed two suspected Boko Haram gunmen to hide from soldiers in her house; when they had left, another group  attacked the house. The two who hid in her house were later killed.           1           1
25-Jan Borno Suspected Boko Haram 1 Former NDLEA director Hatsiwa Bwala was killed in his father’s house in Ngwa, Borno by armed gunmen. The gunmen fled on a motorcycle. The Hawul Council (location) is mostly populated by Christians.     1           1      
23-Jan Maiduguri, Borno State Boko Harm 5 Attackers beheaded five people after storming into their homes on Wednesday in the city of Maiduguri, the base of an insurgency by Islamist extremist group Boko Haram. Residents said the attackers arrived at around 3:00 am, first killing a man and his son in one house, then two other residents in a second house, followed by the fifth victim in a third house. 1           5          
23-Jan Maiduguri, Borno State Boko Haram 1 A man was shot on January 23, 2013 at about 8.30am in London Ciki.           1           1
23-Jan Jos South, Plateau State Gunmen 1 2 Three people were ambushed at Drugline in Ladura Du ward of Du district of Jos South council and one of them killed on the spot, while two others sustained injuries. 1           1          
23-Jan Barkin Ladi, Plateau State Gunmen 2 Two people were killed in Barkin-Ladi Local Government Area of the state by some unknown gunmen. One was said to have been killed at Foron junction and another at Heipang, close to Inland Container Depot. Their bodies were found in the early hours of Thursday. 1           2          
23-Jan Wase, Plateau State Fulani 20 An outbreak of violence between the Fulani and Tarok in Wase Local Government Area of the state, leading to the death of 20 people. 1           20          
22-Jan Kano City, Kano State Boko Haram 5 2 Suspected Boko Haram members shot dead five people playing an outdoor board game in Kano on January 22, 2013 1           5          
22-Jan Maiduguri, Borno State Boko Haram Gunmen attacked Binta Sugar area of Maiduguri and burnt down Gomari II Primary School in the area at about 7.00 p.m on January 22, 2013       1                
22-Jan Maiduguri, Borno State Boko Haram 5 Boko Haram killed four people in London Ciki area and one person at Baga Road, at about 5.00 p.m. on January 22, 2013 2           5          
22-Jan Maiduguri, Borno State Boko Haram 5 At about 10.00 p.m on January 22, 2013 gunmen, in large number, stormed some houses at Polo Jiddari ward of Maiduguri, where they slaughtered five people. 1           5          
21-Jan Damboa, Borno State Suspected Boko Haram 18 Gunmen believed to be from Boko Haram on Monday killed 18 people when they opened fire at a market in Damboa, located near Maiduguri. The gunmen apparently targeted hunters who were selling meat from monkeys and pigs.           1           18
19-Jan Okene-Abuja Road, Kogi State Suspected Terrorists 2 4 Suspected terrorists attacked soldiers on the Okene-Abuja road, two soldiers were killed while the remaining four sustained various degrees of injuries.     1           2      
19-Jan Kumbotso, Kano State Gunmen 4 Gunmen attacked the convoy of the Emir of Kano, Alhaji Ado Bayero, killing four of his palace guards.   1           4        
17-Jan Kano City, Kano State Gunmen 2 The Joint Military Task force, JTF, yesterday repelled an attack by unknown gunmen at its Mariri check-point, killing two and capturing five.  Two civilians, a man and woman, also lost their lives in a cross fire during a shoot out that lasted one hour.     1           2      
17-Jan Gwoza, Borno State Gunmen 1 Gunmen in Gwoza Borno State attacked and killed Amos Masa in his house on 17th January 2013. Amos had fled Maiduguri when it became too unsafe to live there. Stefanos 1           1          
15-Jan Kano State Gunmen 2 2 policemen killed by gunmen.     1           2      
15-Jan Jos, Plateau State Fulani 4 4 killed in Jos Nigerian Security Tracker           1           4
14-Jan Agwashi village, Nassawara State Fulani 2 The crisis started at Agwashi village in Ekye Development Area, when an Agatu farmer confronted a Fulani man whose cow had allegedly destroyed his farm crops. The argument which later degenerated into a clash left two Agatu farmers dead.           1           2
14-Jan Kano State Gunmen 2 2 Gunmen on tricycles attacked a checkpoint in Kano, killing two policemen and injuring 2 civilians.     1           2      
14-Jan Bachit, Plateau State Gunmen 6 Gyang Pius, Markus Davou, Yahanna Bature, Monday Kimtong, Samuel Gwab, and Kaneng Dagock were killied by gunmen on th 14th of January at Fang village in Bachit District, Riyom LGA, Plateau. Stefanos 1           6          
8-Jan Jos, Plateau State Gunmen 2 Gunmen, at about 2.00 a.m, stormed a ranch in Du village of Jos South Local Government Area and killed two people identified as Gyang Pwarjok and Davou Paul. 1           2          
8-Jan Maiduguri, Borno State Boko Haram 5 1 No fewer than five persons were said to have been shot dead in the crossfire, while several others were hit by stray bullets the Borno state capital around Baban Layi area of Maiduguri Monday Market, Post Office area and Lamisula ward, when gunmen, suspected to be members of Boko Haram clashed with men of the Joint Task Force Operation Restore Order (JTF).     1           5      
7-Jan Maiduguri, Borno State Boko Haram 1 2 GUNMEN suspected to be Boko Haram members have killed a policewoman, Sarah Mala, at her residence in Jiddari Polo ward of Maiduguri, by slitting her throat in the early hours of Monday. The policewoman was also a member of the Church of Christ in Nigeria Gambouru ward. 1           1          
7-Jan Kano City, Kano State Gunmen 3 1 Three gunmen came on a motorcycle around 6:00 pm and opened fire on a group of people getting ready for the evening prayers at a popular tea-selling spot opposite the zoo.   1           3        
5-Jan Birnin Magaji, Zamfara State Gunmen 7 50 30 Gunmen attacked Makera, Akuzo and Usu villages of Kiyawa District villages in Birnin Magaji Local government Area of Zamfara State killing seven people, while 50 others were seriously injured. Four people were killed in Makera village, with residents identifying them as Nura Daiyabu, Shugaba Na Mariya, Ibrahim Danmande and Mamman Labbbo, while three people were killed in Akuzo and one in Usu villages.           3           7
3-Jan Song Town, Adamawa State Boko Haram 4 A soldier, a police officer, a civilian and her grandchild were killed by the gunmen, and a local government office was destroyed in the town of Song, near the border with Cameroon according to Police
    2           2     2
3-Jan Marte, Marte LGA, Borno State Boko Haram 8 Boko Haram attacked 21 Brigade troops’ location at Marte, Marte Local Government Area in the Northern part of Borno State. According to the government: one soldier, one police personnel and 5 gunmen lost their lives. Locals claimed that 8 government personnel were killed.     1           8      
2-Jan Saminaka, Kaduna State Islamic Gunmen 15 1 Gunmen attack and destroy 3 churches, killing 15 Christians Minchakpu Communications 1           15          
1-Jan Bulabulin and Bayan Quarters, Maiduguri, Borno Boko Haram 1 2 Joint Task Force Troops engaged Boko Haram, killing 13 militants and suffering 1 dead and 2 wounded. 1 1
TOTAL     3,124 1,477     15 187 8 62 15 2 35 1,783 66 733 137 12 393




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