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Nigeria_Updated by 1.12.2015

Date Location Perpetrator Dead Injured Event/Type of Violence Source
31-Dec Hong Adamawa Gunmen 2 In Hong, where police repelled the attackers from burning the Divisional Police Station, two people sustained bullet injuries, including the newly elected Hong Local Government Chairman, Ahmed Yerima, who was hit by a stray bullet.
30-Dec Chibok, Borno Gunmen 30 Government sources claim that gunmen stormed a church in Chibok killing 15.,2013(3).pdf
28-Dec Maiha LGA, Adamawa Suspected Boko Haram 20 Government sources claim 2 people were killed in an attack on Maiha, in which several government buildings were burned and 35 prisoners were freed. Local sources claim the as many as 20 people were killed.
24-Dec Peri, Yobe Boko Haram 6 In Yobe state on Christmas Eve, gunmen believed to be members of Boko Haram reportedly entered the Evangelical Church Winning All (ECWA) in Peri, near Potiskum, and killed six Christians including a pastor before setting the church building ablaze. Several others were reported seriously wounded.
24-Dec Maiduguri  Boko Haram 6 Six Christians were slain at First Baptist Church in Maiduguri on Christmas Eve
21-Dec Musari, Borno Boko Haram 15 The Boko Haram militants took only Christians out of their homes at gunpoint and gathered them together. The Islamic militants slit the throats of 15 Christians.
17-Dec Daffo, Bokkos, Plateau 1 Stefanos Foundation
16-Dec Daffo Village, Plateau Fulani 1 1 Fulani Gunmen attacked and killed Mr. Maplang Damirti in his house in Daffo Bokkos LGA, around 7PM on 16th December 2012. His wife was wounded but survived [Stefanos Foundation] [Stefanos Foundation]
15-Dec Hiepang, Barakinladi LGC, Plateau 4 Stefanos Foundation
15-Dec Jos, Plateau Fulani 2 On the 15th of December 2012, two people were killed in Gero Jos South. [Stefanos Foundation] [Stefanos Foundation]
14-Dec Barkinladi, Plateau Fulani 4 A man, his two sons and two daughters went gleaning on a farm in Heipang, Barkinladi on 14th December 2012. Fulani men attacked them killing the man and one son. The bodies of the two daughters were found the next day [Stefanos Foundation] [Stefanos Foundation]
14-Dec Maiduguri Suspected Boko Haram 1 The two suspected Boko Haram trailed the retired soldier on foot to his house and shot him on the head and stomach and fled into the neighbourhood.
14-Dec Kano Gunmen 1 Gunmen shot dead a member of Kano State House of Assembly, Alhaji Danladi Kademi at Hotoro by Ring Road on the outskirt of Kano metropolis.
14-Dec Zamfara state Gunmen 10 Gunmen riding on motorcycles shot dead 10 members of the local vigilante group in an attack on Rukudawa village in Zurmi LGA of Zamfara state.
13-Dec Gura Riyom, Plateau 1 Stefanos Foundation
12-Dec Jebu Sop, Plateau Fulani 3 A man, his wife and son, were gunned down by Fulani men at Jebu in Riyom LGA on 12/12/12 [Stefanos Foundation] [Stefanos Foundation]
12-Dec Borno Suspected Boko Haram 5 3 Suspected Boko Haram attacked the Government Girls Secondary School, Bama, killing five students and injuring three others.
11-Dec Jebu Sop, Plateau Fulani 2 A Fulani gunman killed 2 people on 11th of December 2012 and was captured after a gun battle with the JTF [Stefanos Foundation] [Stefanos Foundation]
10-Dec Jol Village, Plateau Fulani 1 1 At noon on 10th of December a policeman and a young girl were attacked by Fulanie gunmen on their way to Jol village from Sho in Barkinladi. The policeman died and the girl is in the hospital with severe injuries [Stefanos Foundation] [Stefanos Foundation]
6-Dec Jugol, Borno Suspected Boko Haram 2 Gunmen attacked two Christians. One died on scene and the other died in hospital later that evening Christian Association of Nigeria
4-Dec Maiduguri Suspected Boko Haram 1 There was a clash between suspected Boko Haram and JTF(Joint Task Force). Four BH members and one JTF died.
4-Dec Borno 5 Calendar
4-Dec Kano Suspected Boko Haram 2 3 Attackers have thrown homemade bombs at a bus, a blast went off near a police station and two policemen have been shot dead in a spate of attacks.At least three people were also wounded.
2-Dec Borno Boko Haram 5 Boko Haram gunmen attacked a police station and killed five policemen
1-Dec Borno Suspected Boko Haram 10 Nine Christians and one Muslim, who were killed in Kwaple village, Chibok Local Government Area of Borno state when the Islamic group members went on rampage and burned 20 houses and a church in the area. Three other churches were burned in Gamboru Ngala.
30-Nov Bauchi Boko Haram 1 Boko Haram gunmen murdered an Islamic leader that was outwardly against their organization.
30-Nov Damasak, Borno Boko Haram 5 Boko Haram sect members attacked in the peace loving Damasak, the headquarters of Mobbar LGA of Borno State, killing two bakers, an Igbo man and two others suspected to be Immigration and Custom officers.
29-Nov Lwa Village, Riyom, Plateau 3 Stefanos Foundation
28-Nov Rann Town, Borno Boko Haram 5 Boko Haram men stormed the Rann Town government compound on motorcycles and killed five policemen with guns and bombs. They then fled after destroying cell phone towers and stealing additional weapons.
28-Nov Azare town, Bauchi 3 Stefanos Foundation
28-Nov Sho village, Plateau 2 Stefanos Foundation
26-Nov Heipang, Barakinladi LGA, Plateau 8 Stefanos Foundation
25-Nov Plateau State Muslim Tribesmen 10 In Central Plateau State Muslim tribesmen attacked a convoy of vehicles and killed ten Christians.
25-Nov Kaduna Suspected Boko Haram 30 Suicide bombers have attacked a church inside a military barracks in Kaduna state.,2013(3).pdf
25-Nov Kano, Bauchi Suspected Boko Haram 5 Suspected Boko Haram killed five person including a family of three.
24-Nov Borno 20 Stefanos Foundation
22-Nov Maiduguri Polo area, Borno 3 Stefanos Foundation
22-Nov Bichi, Kano Muslim crowd 4 A Muslim crowd  attacked a Christian man for wearing a T-shirt that they alleged blasphemed against the Prophet Muhammad. Four people were killed and shops were looted.
21-Nov Bel in Sho village, Pateau 2 Stefanos Foundation
19-Nov Bogoro LGA, Bauchi 1 Stefanos Foundation
18-Nov Ibi, Taraba Muslim Crowd 5 A man attempted to force his way through a checkpoint in front of the Ibi Christian Reformed Church of Nigeria. When he was not permitted throug, he went back to town and stirred up a crowd to attack the checkpoint. Five people were killed in the ensuing violence.
18-Nov Maiduguri, Borno Boko Haram 1 Retired pastor Reverend Ilaisha Kabura was killed on the 18th of November, 2012 by suspected Boko Haram sect in Maiduguri.
17-Nov Kaduna 1 Lere gidiri road, one person was wounded. Christian Solidarity Wordwide (CSW) Nigeria
17-Nov Tahoss village, Plateau 1 Stefanos Foundation
16-Nov Kaduna Gunmen 5 Five members of family were killed by gunmen in Christian Community.
8-Nov Buni Yadi, Yobe State Gunmen Gunmen attack 3 churches in the region. No fatalities,2013(3).pdf
8-Nov Fang of Riyom LGA, Plateau 2 Stefanos Foundation
8-Nov Goshe T/ balewa, Bauchi 3 1 Stefanos Foundation
8-Nov Kachin in Kurra Falls, Plateau 2 Stefanos Foundation
5-Nov Chaha Vwang, Plateau 4 Stefanos Foundation
3-Nov Plateau 13 homes belonging to Christian farmers were burnt by Muslim herders.[Stefanos Foundation] Stefanos Foundation
2-Nov Plateau 1 3 4 Women in Tahoss were attacked. Kaneng Hassan, an elderly woman was killed, while the other 3 women escaped. [Stefanos Foundation] Stefanos Foundation
31-Oct Plateau 3 2 men and one woman found dead in Jebu village Riyom LGA [Stefanos Foundation] Stefanos Foundation
29-Oct Plateau State Suspected Boko Haram 6 2 Five suspected Boko Haram gunmen stormed a bar in Plateau State and shot eight of the patrons. One died at the scene and the other five died after arriving at the hospital.
28-Oct Ganawuri marke, Plateau 2 Stefanos Foundation
28-Oct Plateau 3 7 Gunmen attacked Gindin Akwati village in Gashish district of Barkin Ladi, Plateau. 3 Dead and 7 injured.[Stefanos Foundation] Stefanos Foundation
28-Oct Kaduna Boko Haram 10 145 A suicide bomber driving an SUV full of explosives crashed into St. Rita’s Catholic Church in Kaduna  in a Christian minority enclave of Nigeria during Mass.
26-Oct Mashe in Gashish, Plateau 1 Stefanos Foundation
25-Oct Maiduguri Attack on Church of Christ in the Nations Compound at Kirikasama in Maiduguri. Soldiers Repelled attackers, no known casualties. [Stefanos Foundation] Stefanos Foundation
22-Oct Dorong village, Plateau 2 Stefanos Foundation
22-Oct Mingil 1 One person was wounded. Christian Solidarity Wordwide (CSW) Nigeria
22-Oct Tafawa Balewa, Bauchi 1 Stefanos Foundation
21-Oct Jos 2 2 Policemen were killed in an attack on the police outpost attached to the Yakubu Gowon Heipang Airport. [Stefanos Foundation] Stefanos Foundation
19-Oct Atagara, Borno State Gunmen 4 Gunmen attack a church near the border with Cameroon.,2013(3).pdf
19-Oct Gwoza, Borno 2 Stefanos Foundation
18-Oct Bauchi 3 3 T/B- Bauchi road, three people were killed and three people were wounded. Christian Solidarity Wordwide (CSW) Nigeria
18-Oct Gwoza, Potiskum 2 Gunmen of attacked the building of a Church of Brethren in Nigeria in Atagara village in the Gwoza area, killing at least two people. The entire church was reportedly set ablaze.
18-Oct~22-Oct Potiskum Boko Haram 31 On Friday(19) gunmen stormed the home of a retired head of customs in Potiskum, taking him away with his son and then shooting them both. A retired police sergeant, his wife and three children were killed in another ambush, even as a tractor driver and six of his children were killed in yet another night attack, all in Potiskum. At least 31 people have killed in Potiskum since Thursday.;
19-Oct Maiduguri Gunmen 6 Gunmen shot a Chinese builder on a main road that had been undergoing reconstruction in the city of Maiduguri. Also, there was an overnight raid in a nearby city left 5 others dead and several schools razed to the ground.
18-Oct Bauchi, Bauchi State Suicidal bomer Suicide bombing outside local COCIN Church. No fatalities reported,2013(3).pdf
18-Oct Maiduguri Nigeria’s military arrested a member of the radical Islamist sect Boko Haram, Shuaibu Muhammed Bama at the home of a prominent senator.
15-Oct Borno 2 Stefanos Foundation
14-Oct Kaduna criminal gang 23 17 A criminal gang killed nearly two dozen men in a market place near a mosque in the village of Dogon Dawa, in the northern state of Kaduna. The victims had just left morning prayers at the mosque.
12-Oct Gurando near kura falls, Plateau 2 Stefanos Foundation
11-Oct Tafawa Balewa, Bauchi 1 Stefanos Foundation
10-Oct Barkin Ladi, Plateau 1 Stefanos Foundation
10-Oct Kano suspected boko haram 4 1 Suspected boko haram shot dead two officers of the Nigerian Federal Road Safety Commission (FRSC) and injured one in northern city of Kano. This attack came barely 24 hours after gunmen killed two policemen on Polio Immunization exercise at Kofar Dawanau quarters of Dala local government area of the metropolis.
9-Oct Ranchol village, Plateau 8 Eight victims were killed by unknown gunmen in Ranchol. [Stefanos Foundation]
8-Oct Maiduguri, Borno Boko Haram 1 Boko Haram suspects detonated an Improvised Explosive Device that lead to the death of one military officer.
7-Oct Rakung in Barakinladi, Plateau 2 Two were killed by unknown gunmen. [Stefanos Foundation]
7-Oct Borno state Gunmen, suspected boko haram 1 Gunmen have shot dead a Chinese who was working as a chef for a construction company in Nigeria’s troubled Borno state.
6-Oct Borno state Suspected Boko Haram 1 7 Gunmen murderd one Christian woman and injured seven others during church services Christian Association of Nigeria
5-Oct Boko Haram 1 Mr. Abba Djidda Alahdji, third deputy mayor of Makary in Cameroon’s Far North Region, was killed because of his suspected ties with a Nigerian police commissioner.
2-Oct Admawa 25 Stefanos Foundation
1-Oct Yola, Adamawa 46 The gunmen invaded the off-campus housing site serving three Mubi schools-Federal Polytechnic, School of Health Technology and Adamawa State University. At least 26 students from the Federal Polytechinic were killed, while another 20 victims were student at the other two schools. The gunmen first asked victims if they were Christians before shooting or knifing them.
1-Oct Tafawa Balewa, Bauchi 3 Stefanos Foundation
1-Oct Plateau 3 3 Three zwall people were killed and three people were wounded. Christian Solidarity Wordwide (CSW) Nigeria
1-Oct Tudun Wada Gunmen set fire to a Pentecostal church in Tudun Wada.
26-Sep Bel village, Plateau 1 Stefanos Foundation
25-Sep Maiduguri, Borno Suspected Boko Haram 1 The Mohammed Goni College of Legal and Islamic Studies was razed down by suspected Boko Haram. One security man was shot in his arm.
24-Sep Arewa villge, Kaduna 1 Two people were wounded at arewa village. Christian Solidarity Wordwide (CSW) Nigeria
23-Sep Bauchi Suspected Boko Haram 5 48 A suide bomber attacked St. John’s Catholic Cathedral Church on Sunday when the congregant was leaving the church after the first service of the day.
10-Sep Zwall 4 10 At Kutaro road, four people was killed and ten people were wounded. Christian Solidarity Wordwide (CSW) Nigeria
9-Sep Zongo, Bauchi Boko Haram 5 Suspected members of the Nigeria’s Islamic radical group, Boko Haram, killed five people in an attack against Christians on Sunday. [Open Doors]
6-Sep Gongo, Bauchi 1 One person was killed at Sabon Layi, Gongo. Christian Solidarity Wordwide (CSW) Nigeria
6-Sep Boko Haram Boko Haram threatened VOA Reporters. Abu Qaqa, the Boko Haram Spokesman said that the grooup was going to target VOA which has undertaken the task of harming their religion.
7-Sep Yobe Boko Haram Boko Haram set ablaze the residence of the mother-in-law of the Yobe State Governor, Ibrahim Gaidam. No life was lost.
5-Sep Tafawa Balewa, Bauchi 1 Stefanos Foundation
4-Sep Bauchi, Borno states Boko Haram Members of the Boko Haram sect torched equipment in Bauchi and Borno states, disrupting telecommunication services in Maiduguri, the capital of Borno state.
3-Sep Sho village, Plateau 1 Stefanos Foundation
1-Sep Ruku village, Plateau 2 Stefanos Foundation
29-Aug Tafawa Balewa, Bauchi 1 Stefanos Foundation
26-Aug Benesheik, Borno Supected Boko Haram 1 Suspected Boko Haram murdered a shop owner in his store and then looted much of the goods in the shop. Christian Association of Nigeria
23-Aug Sho village, Plateau 2 Stefanos Foundation
21-Aug Kobwang and mper villae, kombun district of mangu LGC, Plateau 4 Stefanos Foundation
19-Aug Damagun, Yobe Gunemen Gunmen attack a Catholic Church and a police station but were repelled,2013(3).pdf
16-Aug Maiduguri, Borno Boko Haram 14 14 people have died in separate attacks involving Boko Haram. The deaths continue a spate of attacks by Boko Haram and reprisals by seuirty officials. The 14 deaths reported included sect members, security officials, and at least one civilian.
15-Aug Maiduguri, Borno 3 Two killed as suicide bomber targets JTF patrol vehicle. Nigerian Security Tracker
13-Aug Borno state Boko Haram 4 Gunmen killed at least 4 Christians while they attended a church service Christian Association of Nigeria
12-Aug Borno 21 20 civilians and one soldier were killed. Christian Solidarity Wordwide (CSW) Nigeria
12-Aug Gombe, Gombe State Gunmen 1 Gunmen tried to enter the All Saints Church but failed. The policeman guarding the church was killed,2013(3).pdf
12-Aug Plateau 2 Stefanos Foundation
9-Aug Borno Null Church set on fire. Nigerian Security Tracker
9-Aug Borno 1 Gunme kill banker. Nigerian Security Tracker
8-Aug Borno 1 2 Gunmen kill a tea vendor and injure two others. Nigerian Security Tracker
8-Aug Bauchi 2 Stefanos Foundation
7-Aug Maiduguri, Borno Boko Haram 1 In Maiduguri, Borno State, suspected Boko Haram gunmen shot and killed Pastor Ali Samuri of the Good News Church on August 7.
7-Aug Okene, Kogi Gunmen 4 On August 7, in Okene’s city centre, assailants shot at troops on patrol, sparking an exchange of fire that left two soldiers and two of the gunmen dead, according to Kogi state police,-.aspx
6-Aug Lokoja, Kogi State Gunmen 20 Attack at the Deeper Life Bible Church.,2013(3).pdf
6-Aug Okene, Kogi Boko Haram 19 20 Three men entered a central Nigeria church just before Bible study began and killed at least 19 people in an attack. The church name is Deeper Life evangelical church in Otite.
5-Aug Yobe 10 Stefanos Foundation
5-Aug Maiduguri Boko Haram 2 A former Borno commissioner of Environment, Alhaji Kadiri Kaza’a and a senior immigration officer, Mohammed Lawan were shot dead at their residences by suspected gunmen at Bayan Railway Quarters and Gwange wards of the metropolis.
5-Aug Maiduguri Boko Haram 8 A suicide car bomber attacked a military checkpoint in Nigeria’s northeastern city of Damaturu, killed six soldiers and two civilians.
3-Aug Potiskum, Yobe state Boko Haram Boko Haram bombed the central mosque. No fatalities,2013(3).pdf
2-Aug Benisheikh Village, Borno State Suspected Boko Haram 3 1 Suspected members of Boko Haram stormed the village and killed two policemen and one male. The man’s wife was also injured in the attack Christian Association of Nigeria
2-Aug Gongo, Bauchi 1 One person was killed at Gongo. Christian Solidarity Wordwide (CSW) Nigeria
30-Jul Sokoto Boko Haram 1 A policeman was killed when a suicide bomber attacked a government office
29-Jul Kano Gunmen 8 At least eight persons were killed by gunmen who opened fire on a mosque while worshipers were observing their Ramadan prayers.
29-Jul Kano Suspected Boko Haram 5 Gunmen on motorbiles killed five people in two separate attacks in other areas of Kano, one targetting airforce staff.,dfa9655c4d4d8310VgnVCM20000099cceb0aRCRD.html
26-Jul Bauchi Suspected Boko Haram 3 Three policemen was attacked by suspected Boko Haram gunmen. The policemen had just resumed duty at the patrol spot when the gunmen opened fire at them. The fourth policeman narrowly escaped death with his rifle and ran into the bush.
25-Jul Borno Boko Haram 4 Gunmen kill four and set a police station of fire. Nigerian Security Tracker
25-Jul Maiduguri Suspected Boko Haram 2 1 A  gang of gunmen suspected to be members of the Boko Haram sect, killed two Indian nationals and injured three others at their Gum Arabic factory at about 1pm at the Zajeri Industrial area of Maiduguri in Borno state
23-Jul Maiduguri, Borno 5 Five persons killed. Nigerian Security Tracker
23-Jul Kano Three gunmen 1 Gunmen shot dead a prominent Islamic scholar, Malam Shu’aibu. Three gunmen had been lurking inside a car parked outside of deceased’s house awaiting his return from mosque before killing him.
22-Jul Yobe Suspected Boko Haram Yobe Children Academy was set on fire around 11 pm.
22-Jul Damaturu Suspected Boko Haram 2 Twin teenagers were killed by suspected Boko Haram Islamic Sect.
19-Jul Maiduguri, Borno Boko Haram 4 Four traders shot dead inside Maiduguri Market. Nigerian Security Tracker
19-Jul Maiduguri, Borno Suspected Boko Haram 6 Two civilian were killed during a gunfight between suspected Boko Haram members and the military Joint Task Force (JTF) before gunmen killed four people at a nearby market.;
17-Jul Jos, Plateau 1 A rocket fired at a Jos Local Government Headquarters in the central Nigerian city of Jos on Tuesday killed a boy aged about 10, a military spokesman said. [Jtown Perspectives] Jtown Perspectivess
15-Jul Okene, Kogi State There was a car bombing near a local church. No fatalities and 2 suspects arrested,2013(3).pdf
15-Jul Gyero, Plateau 1 Stefanos Foundation
13-Jul Borno Boko Haram 5 Shehu of Borno, Deputy Governor escaped death as suicide bomber killed 10 people.
13-Jul Maiduguri, Borno Boko Haram 5 Boko haram killed five people in a mosque at Maiduguri. Christian Solidarity Wordwide (CSW) Nigeria
11-Jul Dunga sabo, Buachi 4 1 Dunga sabo, four people are died and one person is wounded. Christian Solidarity Wordwide (CSW) Nigeria
9-Jul Jos, Plateau 37 Military in Nigeria said that thirty-seven people were killed in attacks on Christian villages near the city of Jos Central. [Open Doors]
9-Jul Riyom LGA, Plateau 50 After the attack on funeral attendees, some 50 bodies were also discovered burnt in the house of a pastor of the Church of Christ in Nigeria (COCIN) in Matse village in Riyom Local Government Area of the state.
7-Jul Plateau suspected Fulani 63 While the mass burial was going on, about 50 suspected Fulani herdsmen stormed the venue and opened fire at random at the sympathisers at the burial site, killing lawmakers and others, while many people also sustained varying degrees of injuries.
7-Jul Plateau suspected Fulani 30 About 30 people were killed when gunmen, suspected to be Fulani herdsmen, invaded some villages in Barkin-Ladi and Riyom Local Government areas of Plateau State in early morning attacks.
6-Jul Borno 1 Stefanos Foundation
4-Jul Borno Boko Haram 1 Gunmen killed Borno Housing Corporation GM. Nigerian Security Tracker
3-Jul Maiduguri, Borno 30 unidentified men 14 14 people, including some factory workers who were working at the Maiduguri Central Mosque  were killed by unidentified men. The attackers,  before embarking on room-to-room killings, robbed the victims of their belongings such as money, handsets and electronics.
2-Jul Borno Boko Haram 9 9 contstruction workers slaughtered bombing attack on mosque.,2013(3).pdf
2-Jul Gashish, Plateau 1 Stefanos Foundation
1-Jul Hotoro, Kano Gunmen 1 1 A woman was killed when gunmen ambushed a motorcycle conveying her and her husband home. Her husband was reportedly injured in the attack.
30-Jun Kano 3 The ex-councilor, Alhaji Husaini Adamu, was shot while sitting outside with friends. After killing him, the attackers threw an explosive into his house, causing substantial damage to its façade; Another young woman and a boy were killed at Durumi while walking along an alley.
28-Jun Madagali Gunmen 3 Gunmen stormed Gulak police station  and first bank and killed three police men and went away. The gun men went around looking for police officers and asking people to recite Qoranic verses. [Stefanos Foundation] Stefanos Foundation
28-Jun Damaturu,Yobe suspected gunmen 2 There were attacks on a police and military posts by suspected gunmen, where two civilians were killed in the Sabon Pegi ward and the Federal Polytechnic staff quarters.
26-Jun Rim village, Plateau 3 Stefanos Foundation
24-Jun Yobe prison Boko Haram 2 Boko Haram sect attacked a prison and 40 inmates escaped. Two of attackers were shot dead and some policemen were injured.
24-Jun Bauchi 9 The home-made explosive device planted in an unfinished building next to a group of pubs went off at around 10:00 pm on Sunday.
23-Jun Jos, Plateau Fulani Muslim herdsmen 6 6 30 Fulani Muslim herdsmen stormed into Tidiu Village around 3:30 am. They killed six members of the Dkibang family while they were sleeping. Two other family members were wounded as they fled and four villagers were wounded as the killers made their get-away.
21-Jun The Department of State designated Abubakar Shekau, Abubakar Adam Kambar, and Khalid al-Barnawi as Specially Designated Global Terrorists.
18-Jun Damaturu Boko Haram Boko Haram started attacking police and military institutions late Monday in Damaturu. At least two schools were burned.
17-Jun Zaria, Kaduna Boko Haram 48 100 Three suicide bomb attaks on churches, killing at least 48 people and wounding about 100. The first two blasts occurred within munutes of each other and targeted churches in the city of Zaria. A third blast hit a church in the city of Kaduna about half an hour later.
13-Jun Borno Boko Haram 2 3 Gunmen kill 2 and injure 3 policemenon highway patrol. Nigerian Security Tracker
11-Jun Maiduguri and Kano Muslims guerillas 19 A Muslim organization that has dedicated itself to eliminating Christians, and especially eradicating Christianity from its home territory in Africa, has turned in a new kill count of 19 more of the faithful. Muslims guerillas this time killed at least that number with bomb attacks in the cities of Maiduguri and Kano. [Open Doors]
11-Jun Chakarum village, Plateau 2 Stefanos Foundation
10-Jun Borno Boko Haram 2 48 Two were killed and over 40 injured in a bomb blast outside a Christian Church
10-Jun Biu, Borno State Boko Haram 2 In Biu, Borno state, gunmen reportedly shot at worshippers as they were leaving a worship service before entering the sanctuary and killing two Christians.
10-Jun Jos, Plateau Boko Haram 11 40 An Islamic extremist ran a car full of explosives at a Pentecostal church in this Plateau state city this morning, killing at least ten Christians and injuring more than 40 others.
8-Jun Maiduguri, Borno Suicidal bomer 8 24 There were two bomb attacks. The first one was hidden under a public road, exploded around 6am. The other one was exploded at 11am by a suspected car suicide bomber targetting a police station.
6-Jun Borno Boko Haram 16 16 die as JTF and Boko Haram clash. Nigerian Security Tracker
4-Jun Jol Village, Plateau 5 Stefanos Foundation
3-Jun Maiduguri, Borno 1 Gunmen killed 25-year-old man. Nigerian Security Tracker
3-Jun Yelwa, Bauchi state Boko Haram 21 61 Boko Haram suicidal bombed at the Living Faith church in Yelwa. The blast also collapsed a wall of the nearby Harvest Field Church of Christ. 61 people were taken to the hospital, 45 Christians were injured.
1-Jun Maiduguri, Borno Boko Haram 2 Two murdered in a night raid. Nigerian Security Tracker
1-Jun Maiduguri, Borno Boko Haram 3 Three killed. Nigerian Security Tracker
1-Jun Maiduguri Fundamentalists 2 Two civilans are killed in a hotel that served alcohol.
31-May Kano Al-Qaeda 1 A German engineer, kidnapped by al-Qaeda, is executed in handcuffs during a rescue attempt.
30-May Maiduguri, Borno Suspected armed bandits 10 Suspected armed bandits invaded a bakery and killed 10 persons in the process.
29-May Tafawa Balewa, Bauchi 1 Stefanos Foundation
27-May Potiskum Religious extremists 2 Religious extremists attack the home of a rival cleric, shooting two people to death.
27-May Kano Boko Haram 3 Three men resting under a tree are suddenly killed when Boko Haram drive-by.
26-May Yobe Islamic extremists 2 Two people are killed in their home by Islamic extremists.
26-May Maiduguri, Borno Suspected Boko Haram 1 A politician, Alhaji Ahmadu, chairman of the People’s Redemption Party in Nafada area of northeastern Gombe state, was killed in Maiduguri, capital of Borno state
25-May Yola, Adamawa Gunmen 4 Four christian business men are slain by gunmen on a motorcycle in Yola, capital of Adamawa state in northeastern Nigeria. [Open Doors]
22-May Borno 1 Gunmen kill police officer. Nigerian Security Tracker
22-May Maiduguri, Borno Boko Haram 4 Four people were killed as a result of pandemonium at Lawan Bukar Ward in Maiduguri when an Improvised Explosive Device (IED) targeted at a military patrol vehicle exploded.  
21-May Borno Gunmen 1 Gunmen raided Borno Police Station, killing one. Nigerian Security Tracker
21-May Nangam village in sopp, Plateau 1 Stefanos Foundation
20-May Madiuguri Boko Haram 7 Seven people are shot to death by Boko Haram
14-May Tafawa Balewa, Bauchi State 3 CSW Nigeria reports that one person was killed and one person was wounded at Tafawa Balewa on 14 May. Stefanos Foundation
14-May Admawa 20 Fulani raiders 15 15 Chrisitian villagers are massacred by 20 Fulani raiders.
13-May Kano Fundamentalists 3 Fundamentalists killed a group of card players, killing three.
13-May Borno Gunmen 1 Gunmen killed prisons officer. Nigerian Security Tracker
13-May Mafa, Borno Boko Haram 3 A civilian is among three people burned to death when Boko Haram fighters torch a police station.
13-May Maidaguri, Mafa Radical Islamist 7 Seven police officers were killed in separate attacks.Gunmen attacked the Maiduguri home of a former senator, killing one police officer, and also killed three others around the city; Witnesses said gunmen killed two other police officers in the village of Mafa, about 40 kilometers (25 miles) away from Maiduguri.
12-Apr Borno Boko Haram 2 Two killed as gunmen attack police outpost. Nigerian Security Tracker
12-May Northern Nigeria Islamic militants 20 At least two churches were attacked by suspected Islamic militants, following several other incidents that killed some 20 Christians. [Open Doors]
12-May Bauchi Suspected Islamists 2 Suspected Islamists bombs police station, killing two occupants.  
11-May Kano Boko Haram 1 A Mohammud Ali, a shiite cleric is murdered in his home by Boko Haram.
11-May Kaduna Gunmen 2 Gunmen killed the villege head and a police sergeant.
11-May Bauchi Gunmen 2 Gunmen attacked a divisional police headquarters.
11-May Kutaru Gunmen 2 1 Two people were dead, one badly wounded in Kataru village in Tafawa Balewa on the 11th of May [Stefanos Foundation] Stefanos Foundation
10-May Tahoss village, Plateau 7 Stefanos Foundation
9-May Jwol and Foron villages Muslim Fulani 3 Three Christians were killed in an attack at Jwol and Foron villages. [Open Doors]
9-May Riyas, Plateau Muslim Fulani 2 In Riyas Muslims attacked the village, killing two Christians. [Open Doors]
9-May Wereng  village Muslim Fulani 3 At Wereng village near Kuru Station, three members of a Christian family were killed. [Open Doors]
9-May Gwarim village Muslim Fulani 5 Villagers said the attackers were Muslim Fulani herdmen likely supplied and instigated by Islamic extermist groups. At Gwarim village, Muslim gunmen killed five Christians. More than 30 houses were burned. [Open Doors]
9-May Rinyam, Plateau Fulani 7 Muslim gunmen invaded Rinyam village on May 9 at about 12:30 a.m. and shot seven Christians in their homes, two those killed were children. [Open Doors]
7-May Potiskum, Yobe state Muslim Rioters Muslim rioters burnt down ECWA Church No. 1 in Potiskum, and one of the church schools on 7th of May 2012. [Stefanos Foundation] Stefanos Foundation
4-May Kumshe Gunmen 2 Gunmen first attacked a police station in Banki town but were repelled by the police. Five hours later, the gunmen went and attacked a nearby Prison in the town, killing two prison warders and setting free all the inmates.
4-May Taraba Muslim extremists 5 Muslim extremists gun down five villagers.
3-May Luwa Village, Riyom, Plateau 2 Stefanos Foundation
3-May Potiskum Boko Haram 60 29 Gunmen threw bombs and opened fire on a cattle market in remote northeastern Nigeria, killing at least 60 people and wounding 29.
2-May Riyom, Plateau Fulani State Assemblyman Daniel Dem and 12 journalists narrowly escaped death by on Wednesday in Kak village in Riyom Local Government Area of the state, when some group of Fulani herdsmen struck in the area. 
1-May Ikare-Akoko Armed robbers 1 Ajagunna, who worked with a Church of Christ in Greece, was shot to death. He was praying with members of his congregation, when armed robbers entered the church building. [Open Doors]
30-Apr Jalingo Boko Haram 11 22 A suicide bomber attacks a police commissioner, killing 11 and wounding at least 22.
30-Apr Kak village, Plateau 2 Stefanos Foundation
30-Apr Gwom-Rim village, Plateau 1 Stefanos Foundation
29-Apr Kano Boko Haram 20 Gunmen attacked a church service at Bayero University and killed at around 20 people.
29-Apr Maiduguri, Borno Boko Haram 5 Five people were killed after gunmen opened fire at a Church of Christ in Nigeria chapel [Open Doors]
28-Apr Gwa-Rim village in Riyom, Plateau 5 Stefanos Foundation
27-Apr Rim, Plateau Fulani 1 2 Bulus Dakumbi was killed and two other Christians injured when Rim Village was attacked by Fulani
27-Apr Maiduguri, Borno Boko Haram 1 Boko haram kills lecturer. Nigerian Security Tracker
27-Apr Rigasa, Kaduna Boko Haram 1 Boko Haram millitants gunned down a policeman whose name was Balarabe Usman. The victim was an orderly to a senior judge in the Kaduna State judiciary.
26-Apr Fedayeen Abuja 4 A Fedayeen suicidal bomber takes out four innocents at a newspaper office. .
26-Apr Borno Boko Haram 1 Boko Haram kills retired civil servant. Nigerian Security Tracker
26-Apr Kaduna Boko Haram 5 25 The police confirmed that three person died and 25 others were injured in the bomb attack on the “SOJ Building” housing the offices of three newspaper houses in Kaduna.
25-Apr Riyom, Plateau Fulani raiders 5 2 Four women and a 4 year old child were among members of a Christian village killed by Fulani raiders. Two other children were taken to the hospital. The names of the victims were Dinatu Danbwarang (48 years old), Simi Joseph (26 years old), Rose Dalyop (25 years old(, Christiana Adamu (age unknown), and Japhet Samuel (4 years old)
25-Apr Ankpa Gunmen 7 Armed robbers killed seven people when they attacked the local First Bank Branch.
24-Apr Damaturu Gunmen 5 6 Gunmen came riding an auto-rickshaw at about 7pm. They shot sporadically on the air, before they entered the beer parlour firing at people.
24-Apr Riyom, Plateau Suspected Fulani 5 Suspected herders killed 5 while they were sleeping.
24-Apr Jos Suspected Boko Haram 1 9 One person was killed and nine others were injured after suspected Islamic extremists attacked a TV viewing center in a Christian area of Jos where a crowd had gathered to watch soccer.
20-Apr Riyas, Plateau Fulani 2 20 Gunmen attacked Riyas village early in the morning on 20 of April 2012, Mangut Dakwan and another man, Mangit Manesseh,were killed in their sleep and several homes were burnt
19-Apr Maiduguri, Borno Boko Haram 5 Suspected members of Boko Haram opened fire on a Bakery, killing 5 workers. 
19-Apr Kano Gunmen 2 Gunmenshot and wounded two policemen near the Tula Filling Station on the Eastern by-pass in Kano. One of the policemen was shot in the leg while the other had his arm brushed by the bullet. 
18-Apr Abbaganarm, Borno 2 Vendor and Customs officer killed in Abbaganarm. Nigerian Security Tracker
17-Apr Maiduguri, Borno Suspected Boko Haram 1 Gunmen killed 92-year-old Islamic Cleric.
16-Apr Maiduguri, Borno Boko Haram 2 Two people were killed by Boko Haram in Maidguri
15-Apr Kano Suspected Boko Haram 3 Three people were injured while bomb attack on a Christian neighborhood in Kano
12-Apr Maiduguri, Borno Boko Haram 2 Boko Haram attacked the Monday Market at 12:45 killing one trader. The Gamboru market was attacked at 2 PM killing another trader
12-Apr Kano Gunmen 2 Gunmen killed  two men near a community centre showing soccer matches.
11-Apr Fang Village, Riyom, Plateau Gunmen 1 On April 11, 2012 unknown gunmen invaded a farm in Riyom Local Government Area, Plateau State, killing Dantyang Bauchi, who was clearing his fields in preparation for the rainy season when he was killed. 
11-Apr Kaduna Suspected Boko Haram 2 Suspected Boko Haram sect killed a prison warder, stole his car, and then murdered a 22-year-old man who was awaiting result after applied for army recruitment in Makurdi, Benue State.
10-Apr Borno Boko Haram 10 Ten killed as gunmen attacked Borno Town. Nigerian Security Tracker
10-Apr Banki Boko Haram 5 Boko Haram attacked a border town in Borno. They shot sporadically to cause panic before moving to the police station, immigration and customs outposts, killing 3 civilians, a policeman and an immigration personnel.
9-Apr Potiskum Gunmen 1 A 6 year old girl is murdered by Islamic terrorists.
9-Apr Borno Boko Haram 6 Six persons including a Police Inspector and a former council chairman were killedin a clash between gunmen and JTF, in Dikwa council area of Borno State. Along with attacking a Church and police station.
8-Apr Jos, Plateau There was a bombblast. Christian Solidarity Wordwide (CSW) Nigeria
8-Apr Kaduna Suspected Boko Haram 38 A car bomb exploded along a busy roadway in Kaduna where many people were eating at restaurants and buying gasoline. The explosion badly damaged the nearby All Nations Christian Assembly Church as churchgoers worshipped at an Easter service, the possible target of the bomber. It killed at least 38 people.
8-Apr Lwa Village, Riyom, Plateau Fulani 1 On Sunday, April 8, 2012 Ana Christopher Gyang, a mother of seven, was killed at Lwa village.
5-Apr Maiduguri, Borno Boko Haram 7 Suspected Boko Haram killed seven people in a market in northern restive city of Maiduguri. Five of them were Igbo traders from the Southeast.
4-Apr Borno Boko Haram 12 Suspected gunmen kill eight at Monday market. Nigerian Security Tracker
2-Apr Borno 1 Gunmen kill SSS Operative. Nigerian Security Tracker
31-Mar Plateau 1 Stefanos Foundation
30-Mar Borno Boko Haram 4 The gunmen killed two people during a raid on a bank in Askira town in the early hours of the day before attacking the local police station, where an officer and a civilian were shot dead.
28-Mar Yobe Boko Haram 1 A policeman and three members of the Boko Haram sect, were killed in a gun fight during an attack on the Divisional Police headquarters in Damagun, Fune Local Government Area of Yobe State.  
28-Mar Maiduguri, Borno Boko Haram 1 Boko Haram gunmen killed a police inspector who was attached to the “C” OPS department of the Borno State command.
25-Mar Maiduguri, Borno 3 Gunmen stormed the residence of a retired police inspector in the daylight and killed him along with two of his friends at Dala Kafanti, a suburb of Maiduguri metropolis.
22-Mar Maiduguri, Borno Boko Haram 3 Three persons including a cleric and a cobbler were shot dead by notorious Boko Haram sect in Maiduguri, Borno State.
22-Mar Bauchi Muslim extremists 1 A young Christian student presumably kidnaped by Muslims and killed.
20-Mar Kano Gunmen 4 Gunmen killed three persons while another teenager was also killed by a stray bullet in Kano along Sharada road.
17-Mar Gwa-Rim village in Riyom, Plateau 5 Stefanos Foundation
15-Mar Borno Boko Haram 2 Christian trader and customs official shot. Nigerian Security Tracker
15-Mar Kaduna Gunmen 10 4 Gunmen stormed two Kaduna State communities and massacred the pastor of a church, the community leader and eight others
12-Mar Bum, Plateau State Fulani raiders 2 15 Fulani raiders slaughter two Christian villagers.
12-Mar Mubi Gunmen 6 A police inspector, a soldier, and four other persons were killed in a night attack by unidentified gunmen in Mubi, Adamawa.
12-Mar Maiduguri, Borno Boko Haram 1 Boko Haram attacked the residence of former Chairman of Kukawa Local Council of Borno State, Alhaji Bukar Abacha, shooting him dead before his wife and children in Fezzan Ward of Maiduguri.
12-Mar Kano Suspected Boko Haram 2 Suspected Boko Haram attacked Mandawari Police station and injured 2 police officers.
11-Mar Jos Boko Haram 11 A suicidal bomber attacked St. Finbar’s Catholic Church, and 11 people were killed.
10-Mar Borno Boko Haram 1 Attack on a Mobile base in Borno. Nigerian Security Tracker
9-Mar Borno Suspected Boko Haram 1 A single man was shot by unknown gunmen while walking down the road to his home Christian Association of Nigeria
9-Mar Borno Boko Haram 1 Boko Haram Assassinates Local Malam. Nigerian Security Tracker
9-Mar Maiduguri, Borno Suspected Boko Haram 1 Suspected Boko Haram set ablaze the Bulabulim Ngarnam Police Station, killing at least one person.
9-Mar Kano 1 3 A civilian was killed while three policemen were injured in a failed attempt by gunmen to bomb the Rijaya’zaki police station along BUK new campus.
8-Mar Gombe Boko Haram 7 Civillians are among seven dead when Boko Haram cadres attack two banks and a police station.
8-Mar Sokoto Boko Haram 2 A British and an Italian engineers were killed in captivity.
7-Mar Moringa Ward Gunmen 2 Gunmen killed two men. One died on scene and one died in hospital.  
7-Mar Plateau 4 Stefanos Foundation
7-Mar Yobe Gunmen 1 Gunmen have killed a Comptroller of the Nigerian Customs Service in charge of Yobe states and Borno states, Alhaji Adamu Ahmadu in his house.
7-Mar Gombe Gunmen 5 Gunmen have killed four policemen and a civilian when they attacked three banks and a police station in the premises of Ashaka Cement Company in Funakaye LGA.
6-Mar Plateau 2 Stefanos Foundation
6-Mar Borno Gunmen 4 Three police officers and 5-year-old boy were shot dead on Tuesday in a coordinated attack on a police station and destroyed the secretariat of Konduga Local Government Area.
6-Mar Yobe 2 Calendar
5-Mar Borno Boko Haram Three of the suspected  Boko Haram trying to set a school on fire where killed. Nigerian Security Tracker
5-Mar Kano Suspected Boko Haram 2 2 After triggered exchange of fire between the policemen and the attackers, Kano State Police Commnad confirmed the killing of only two policemen as well as the injuring of two others by attackers.
4-Mar Benue state Fulani Herdsmen 45 Fulani Herdsmen attacked Tivs who are Christian farmers. They began shooting sporadically and burning houses. 
4-Mar Maiduguri, Borno Boko Haram 1 On March 4, 2012, suspected Boko Haram members killed a trader at the Gamboru Market in Maiduguri, the Borno state capital.
3-Mar Maiduguri, Borno Boko Haram 1 Boko Haram gunmen kill trader at Gamboru Market. Nigerian Security Tracker
3-Mar Maiduguri, Borno Boko Haram 2 Islamists shoot a middle aged woman and her 10 year old daughter to death in their home in Zannari outside of Maiduguri.
3-Mar Maiduguri, Borno Boko Haram 1 An unidentified man was killed in Zannari, presumably by Boko Haram
3-Mar Maiduguri, Borno Boko Haram 3 Boko Haram kills three in night attacks. Nigerian Security Tracker
2-Mar Borno Boko Haram 3 Three killed in bomb factory explosion. Nigerian Security Tracker
1-Mar Kaduna Islamist militants 1 1 Islamist militants killed a secondary school teacher who was on his way home riding a motorcycle…The school principal was also injured as he attempted intervening to secure the teacher’s life.
1-Mar Maiduguri, Borno Boko Haram The gunmen set ablaze a private secondary school owned by a Ghanaian.
29-Feb Madiuguri Suspected Boko Haram 1 Gunmen struck in Abaganaram ward of Maiduguri metropolis, injuring one soldier after a shoot-out between the sect and members of the JTF.
29-Feb Maiduguri, Borno Boko Haram 1 Boko Haram injures soldier in Maiduguri. Nigerian Security Tracker
29-Feb More than 1,000 Chadian migrants were reportedly fleeing to Chad from Nigeria to escape the violence erupting between Boko Haram and the Nigerian military. The migrants included unaccompanied children, Muslims, and Christians.
28-Feb Borno 1 Gunmen killed an Immigration Officer. Nigerian Security Tracker
28-Feb Maiduguri, Borno Boko Haram Null Gunmen sacked Four Maiduguri Schools. Nigerian Security Tracker
26-Feb Jos Boko Haram 6 50 A suicide car bomber killed six people and wounded 50 near a church on Sunday.
26-Feb Yola Gunmen 3 4 Gunmen attacked the Shuwa Divisional Police Station in Madagali Local Government Area of Adamawa State, killing three policemen and wounding four others, including inspector.
25-Feb Kaduna Boko Haram 1 Suspected Boko Haram killed a policeman and made away with his gun.
24-Feb Kano Boko Haram 5 Boko Haram radicals spray the inside of a mosque with bullets, killing a rival and four others.
24-Feb Gombe Suspected Islamists 14 Suspected Islamists killed 14 people in an overnight raid on a police station in Gombe.
24-Feb Takum LGA of Taraba state Fulani Herdsmen 1 2 A Tiv woman has been killed by herdsmen in what appeared to be a reprisal attack on a Tiv community while another woman and a motorcyclist have sustained serious injuries from the attack.
23-Feb Kano Gunmen 2 2 Gunmen riding motorbiles fired shots at the home of acting Inspector General of Police Mohammed Abubakar at the Lawal Dambazau Link Kano, killing two police guards and injuring two others.
22-Feb Maiduguri, Borno Boko Haram 1 A 79 year old Christian woman was found with her throat slit and a note on her chest reading “We will get you soon.”  The note is thought to be directed at her son, a pastor at a local church.
22-Feb Maiduguri, Borno Boko Haram Null Null Nigerian school set alight. Nigerian Security Tracker
21-Feb Borno Null Null Gunmen set primary school on fire. Nigerian Security Tracker
19-Feb Sukeja susepcted boko haram 5 A car bomb exploded outside Christ Embassy Church and Triumphant Ministries International Church around 10:00 AM (the beginning of Sunday church services), injuring 5 people and destroying 5 cars.; 
19-Feb Yobe, Konduga Boko Haram 2 Boko Haram sect killed the District Head of Geidam, Mustapha Geidam and a 60-year-old Islamic cleric in Konduga, Sheik Saina Alhaji Ajiya.
15-Feb Koton Karifi, Kogi State 1 A gang of gunmen invaded a prison in Kton Karifi Kogi State, killing one prision warder and set free an unspecified number of inmates.
15-Feb Maiduguri, Borno Boko Haram 1 1 Boko Haram killed one of soldiers and another one was injured.
14-Feb Kaduna Boko Haram 1 A policeman is killed trying to defuse a Boko Haram bomb outside a mosque.
13-Feb Maiduguri, Borno Boko Haram 3 Three civilians are beheaded by Boko Haram Salafists.
12-Feb old Maiduguri, Borno Boko Haram 7 Gunmen crept into old Maiduguri at about 9:00pm and killed a Chadian couple. The killer slaughtered another man in the same neighbourhood. They visited again at midnight and killed a popular Islamic scholar and three of his teenage students.
11-Feb Zonkwa, Zango Kataf LGA Gunmen 2 At 11 PM on Saturday February 11, 2012 Gunmen killed two people, a 20- year-old man and an 18-year- old woman at Unguan Musa in Zonkwa, Zango Kataf Local Government Area
11-Feb Potiskum Gunmen 2 Gunmen shot dead two Christian traders in Potiskum.
11-Feb Borno Boko Haram 7 Boko Haram kills 7 in Borno. Nigerian Security Tracker
11-Feb Maiduguri, Borno Boko Haram 3 Boko Haram beheads three in Maiduguri. Nigerian Security Tracker
11-Feb Pot Boko Haram 1 Gunmen Killed a cleric, police suspect that Boko Haram was killing a critic.
10-Feb Potiskum, Yobe state Boko Haram 3 Boko Haram terrorists killed and then beheaded 3 North Korean doctors.
10-Feb Maiduguri, Borno Boko Haram 4 Four person including two soldiers were killed during a twice bomb explosions and exchanged of gunfire between Boko Haram and JTF.
8-Feb Kano state Boko Haram 9 Boko Haram assailants slit the throats of nine women working to give out polio vaccinations in  Kano
7-Feb Plateau 1 Stefanos Foundation
7-Feb Kaduna Boko Haram 5 A Boko Haram suicide bomber attacked the military headquarters in Kaduna. The Government claimed that no one was killed, but local sources said that 5 people were killed.
6-Feb Ummarari Boko Haram 2 Gunmen enter an apartment building and shot two southern Christians from Kogi state in a targetted killing
6-Feb Maiduguri, Borno unknown 3 Three people are feared killed in Maiduguri as a result of multiple blasts that rocked parts of the Gamboru Market and a nearby pharmaceutical store.
5-Feb Borno 2 Gunman killed two in Borno. Nigerian Security Tracker
5-Feb Damboa suspected Boko Haram 2 Two person including a former council boss were shot dead by suspected Boko Haram during a condolence visit in Damboa town.
3-Feb Borno Boko Haram 2 Boko Haram kills ex-council Boss Nigerian Security Tracker
3-Feb Kogi Boko Haram 4 Boko Haram struck in the steel city, Ajaokuta, killing four people, burning a police station, and a first generation bank.
2-Feb Kabar Mala Boko Haram 6 Six people were killed on February 2, 2012 in Maiduguri, Borno State’s beleaguered capital city, by people believed to be Boko Haram members
30-Jan Borno Boko Haram 1  A trader was also killed in another separate attack at popular market in Maiduguri.
30-Jan Borno Boko Haram 4 Gunman kill four people in Borno. Nigerian Security Tracker
30-Jan Borno Boko Haram 3 Suspected Boko Haram killed an airforce officer and two civilians in Maiduguri, Borno State.
30-Jan Potiskum Boko Haram 1 A guard at a church is shot by a suspected Boko Haram member
29-Jan Kano Boko Haram 2 At least two civilians are left dead following a Boko Haram bombing attack.
28-Jan Kano Gunmen 1 Gunmen have killed at least one officer after opening fire on a police station in the city of Kano.
24-Jan Bauchi Boko Haram 7 Early morning attacks in Tafawa Balewa, Bauchi state on Sunday left at least seven Christians dead and a church building destroyed.
23-Jan Minna, Niger state Unknown A Christian missionary home housing orphans and underprivileged was burned down by unknown arsons.
22-Jan Borno Boko Haram 1 A court registrar, Baba Loskurima was shot by gunmen in front of his house in Tandari area or Maiduguri around 7pm.
22-Jan Tafawa Balewa, Bauchi State Gunmen 11 2 soldiers, a Deputy Superintendent of Police and eight civilians were killed in the early hours of Sunday in an armed robbery attack on an old generation bank in Tafawa Balewa, the headquarters of Tafawa Balewa Local Government Area of Bauchi State.
22-Jan Bauchi Metropolis, Bauchi State Suspected Boko Haram Our Lady of St Lauretto Catholic Church, Fadama Mada sustained minor damage to their walls by a bomb attack.
22-Jan Tafawa Balewa Town Suspected Boko Haram St Paul’s Anglican Secondary School was partially destroyed by a bomb.
20-Jan Kano state Boko Haram 185 Boko Haram used multiple bombs to target immigration services, police headquarters, and State Security Services in Kano in retaliation for the discovery of a Boko Haram cell in December, 2011.
20-Jan Yobe Boko Haram 1 1 Boko Haram attacked a drinking joint in Dorawa Mashara area of Potiskum, Yobe State killing a person and injuring several others.
19-Jan Damaturu, Kano Gunmen 1 A Christian trader was shot in his shop by an unidentified gunman. 
17-Jan Maiduguri, Borno Boko Haram 2 Two soldiers who were distributing food to soldiers on duty were shot dead.
16-Jan Maiduguri, Borno Boko Haram 2 Two people were killed when gunmen invaded their homes.
16-Jan Borno Suspected Boko Haram 2 Gunmen came on foot, asked, at gunpoint, if the victims were Christians, and after getting an affirmative response, went in and fired at the two victims.
16-Jan Damaturu Gunmen 3 An unidentified gunmen shot dead three Chadian nationals in Damaturu
14-Jan Riyom, Plateau 1 Stefanos Foundation
13-Jan Gombe City, Gombe Boko Haram 2 1 Boko Haram gunmen murder one man and a policemen outside a bar in Gombe state.
13-Jan Yola, Adawama State Boko Haram 2 1 Boko Haram gunmen kill two at a pub in Yola, injuring one.
11-Jan Borno Null Null Bomb Explosions in Jajeri Ward of Maiduguri. Nigerian Security Tracker
11-Jan Potiskum, Yobe state Suspected Boko Haram 1 A woman fleeing from the crisis-ridden Maiduguri to the South-east were waylaid and killed at Potiskum, Yobe State, by gunmen suspected to be members of Boko Haram.
11-Jan Pyakman village in  Bauchi State 3 Three people were killed by unknown gunmen in renewed overnight attack. The victims were travelling in a 14-seater bus, were attacked by the gunmen at MRS filling station, around Texaco area, while trying to refuel at about 11.30a.m.
10-Jan Damaturu,Yobe Boko Haram 8 Boko Haram gunmen attacked and killed eight people in a beer garden, including 5 policeman and a young girl.
10-Jan Potiskum Boko Haram 8 Boko Harm has killed eight people, including four police officers at a beer parlor.
9-Jan Biu, Borno State Boko Haram 2 A secret police service operative and a civilian were killed after exiting a mosque.
9-Jan Maiduguri, Borno Boko Haram 2 Boko Haram gunmen attacked two Christian homes Monday evening in back-to-back attacks in the northeastern city of Maiduguri.;
9-Jan Potiskum 2 Two Christians were shot at by gunmen on a motorcycle in the Barracks area of Potiskum, but escaped unhurt by falling to the ground and playing dead.
8-Jan Maiduguri Market in Borno State Suspected Boko Haram 3 7 Gunmen attacked a patrol team of the JTF, killing three civilians including a woman and wounding a soldier and six traders.
7-Jan Biu, Borno State Boko Haram 3 7 Boko Haram killed three and injured seven while they were playing poker.
6-Jan Mubi, Adamawa Boko Haram 21 12 persons were killed when armed men claimed by Boko Haram shot a gathering of Christian traders holding a prayer session before opening their shops in Mubi, Adamawa. The gunmen also shot at another group of Christians meeting at a town hall to arrange for the transportation of relatives slain the previous day, bringing the total of those killed in Mubi to 21.;;; [Open Doors]
6-Jan Borno Suspected Boko Haram 2 Two university students shot dead by suspected Boko Haram. Nigerian Security Tracker
6-Jan Yola Boko Haram 11 About 6 Boko Haram gunmen attacked Christ Apostolic Church, killing 3 people outside and 8 inside during an evening church service.
6-Jan Maiduguri, Borno Suspected Boko Haram 2 A Christian husband and wife have been killed in the night (Friday) in Maiduguri
5-Jan Gombe City, Gombe Boko Haram 6 10 Six christians were killed and ten wounded when Boko Haram attacked a church in Gombe City
5-Jan Maiduguri, Borno 4 Four Christians, Musa Usman Durkwa, Usman A. Durkwa, Pastor Peter Wakai, Caleb Wakai, were killed in Maiduguri.[Christian Association of Nigeria] Christian Association of Nigeria
5-Jan Mubi, Adamawa Boko Haram 3 Gunmen in Mubi attacked the Christian Igbo Community killing 3 people.
5-Jan Gombe, Boso area Boko Haram 10 20 Boko Haram emerged from a mosque near the Deeper Life Bible Church in the Boso area of Gombe,at about 7:30 p.m. and shot Christians attending a weekly meeting known as “The Hour of Revival,”
2-Jan Borno Boko Haram 2 Gun Battle in Dala town claims the 2 lives. Nigerian Security Tracker
4-Jan Borno Boko Haram Null Null Three bombs Detonated in Maiduguri. Nigerian Security Tracker
3-Jan Damaturu Suspected Boko Haram 1 Suspected Boko Haram killed a leader of a neighbourhood in Damaturu.
3-Jan Maiduguri, Borno Suspected Boko Haram 1 Two suspected Boko Haram gunmen shot dead a head of the Shehuri neighbourhood in Maiduguri.
3-Jan Jigawa Boko Haram 1 1 Boko Haram have attacked the birniwa Division Police Headquarters in Jigawa State, killing a teenage girl and injring a police officer before burning down the building.
TOTAL 1,996 823
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