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Nigeria_Updated by 11.4.2014

Date Location Perpetrator Dead Injured Event/Type of Violence
31-Dec Ezillo community in Ishielu LGA of Ebonyi State Gunmen 52 At about 5.30am, when unidentified gunmen stormed Ezillo community killing 52 persons and destroyed property worth millions of naira.
30-Dec Maiduguri 4  After Friday prayer, a blast was taken when Muslims left a mosque. Four people were killed.
27-Dec Wereng village in Riyom LGA Fulani 3 Fulani gunmen were said to have attacked and shot dead a three-year-old girl and her parents at night around 10 pm when they were asleep. The victims were Philip Francis Pam, 37; his wife Simi Francis, 28; and their only daughter, who was a few months old.
25-Dec Gadaka, Fika LGA Vehicles of worshipers attending a Christmas vigil were set ablaze while they were in the church.
25-Dec Yobe A suicide bomb attack has also been executed against the head office of the State Security Services in Damaturu, Yobe state, no official casualty figures yet.
25-Dec Jos Boko Haram 1 Boko Haram detonated bombs at Mountain of Fire and Miracles Church. A policeman who later confronted the assailants was shot.
25-Dec Gadaka, Yobe state Boko Haram 2+ A bomb exploded at a church in Gadaka, Yobe state, where several people reportedly were wounded.
25-Dec Outskirts, Abuja Boko Haram 45 73 Saint Theresa’s Catholic Church was the target of an suicide bomb attack on Christmas day.
23-Dec 2 1 Pastor Wakai and son killed Dec 23 in Maiduguri [Christian Association of Nigeria]
19-Dec Ungwan Rami Local Islamists and Muslim Fulani herdsmen 5 6 Local Islamists and Muslim Fulani herdsmen attacked a Christian community, killing five people and wounding six.
17-Dec Maiduguri Boko Haram 3 An explosion took place in a bomb factory has claimed the lives of three persons  believed to be operators of the factory.
16-Dec Kwa Boko Haram 3 Boko Haram have attacked the Nigeria Airforce Military Comprehensive School base at Kwa, killing about three of the guards on duty.
16-Dec Kano 2 Two policemen were killed in Kano metropolis by gunmen.
14-Dec Santimari Polo Road, Gwange Boko Haram 2 3 Gunmen came with an unmarketd Volkswagen Golf car at 7:49pm and opened fire on people playing cards in front of a shop beloning to a GSM recahrge card dealder.
13-Dec Maiduguri Boko Haram 10 A powerful bomb blast targeting soldiers followed by gunfire rocked Maiduguri, with at least 10 people killed.
11-Dec Gombe Muslim Militants 1 On Dec. 11, Patrick Ugoji was shot dead by Muslim militants at a gas station, while filling his car’s tank.
10-Dec Kagoro Fulani Herdsmen 1 2 Fulani herdsmen attacked a christian family, killed wife and wounded husband and his cousin.
10-Dec Jos unknown 1 10 Three bombs were set off at crowded soccer viewing stations in Christian areas of Jos. Bomb locations: 1. Ukadum village 2. Tina Junction along Bauchi Road. ; 3. Bauchi Ring Road, opposite University of Jos Staff Quarters.
10-Dec Riyom, Plateau Armed Muslims 3 1 Three Christians were killed in an attack at Jwol and Foron villages, where the assailants set fire to houses and shot at Christians as they fled. Also another Christian Dung Danjuma was missing after the violence
8-Dec Kano Suspected Boko Haram 5 Five officers of the Nigerian Air Force had been killed in the Kano metropolis by gunmen suspected to be Boko Haram members.
7-Dec Katsina Road and Oshogbo Street, Kaduna Unknown 8 7 An explosion  occurred around 9:30 A.M.  An internal report from the Nigerian Red Cross stated that 2 men on a motorbike stopped in front of a shop just before the explosion happened. Police “found acid batteries, a gas cylinder and other “active” materials stored in the small shop where the fire started.”
4-Dec Bauchi Boko Haram 6 5 Gunmen attacked Police Area Command Headquarters and two new generational banks at Azare Local Government Area.
4-Dec Maiduguri Some gunmen 2 Some gunmen brandishing sophisticated weapons attacked a mosque in Maiduguri and killed two people.
3-Dec Maiduguri Boko Haram 2 3 Gunmen opened fire on a wedding and killed the groom and a guest. The attackers also injured three other guests and fled.
1-Dec Maiduguri Boko Haram A bomb planted by suspected Boko Haram targeted at a JTF patrol vehicle exploded around 1pm.
27-Nov Maiduguri Boko Haram 1 Boko Haram killed a protocol officer who was working at the Borno state Government House while he was on his way to his house at the Gwange ward of Maiduguri metropolis at around 9:30pm.
26-Nov Geidam (Yobe state) Boko Haram 4 Members of Boko Haram attacked a police station and overpowered the officers about 6 PM. They then broke into First Bank, robbing it, before destroying churches and Christian businesses. Of the 8 churches in town, 5 were ruined and 6 of the 8 pastors had fled with their families.
24-Nov Barkin Ladi and Kwok village Fulani and Muslim Soldiers 35 An assault on November 24 in Barkin Ladi and Kwok village left 35 Christians dead.
23-Nov Plateau state Fulani and Muslim soldiers 4 Fulani and Muslim soldiers attacked Barkin Ladi church (COCIN) and killed four Christians.
22-Nov Barkin Ladi 1 A Christian was beheaded behind a popular Barkin Ladi hotel.
21-Nov Maiduguri Boko Haram Boko Haram attacked a JTF base at Bulumkutu Market area of the Maiduguri. No casualty was recorded, but witnesses said many people sustained various degrees of injury.
21-Nov Barkin Ladi Fulani Muslim herdsmen and Muslim soldiers 2 Two Christians in the town were killed on November 21.
20-Nov Barkin Ladi Fulani Muslim herdsmen and Muslim soldiers 3 A small attack began on November 20 by Fulani Muslims over cattle theft. 3 Christians were killed.
18-Nov Gargar,i Bauchi state Local Muslim extremists 4 6 Muslims attack a christian village at 2 AM. Alerted by his barking dogs, Samaila Darabo escaped the attack on his home to alert the village. His alert saved the village, but he lost his wife and daughter. His brother lost his two daughters.
14-Nov Borno Boko Haram 1 Three suspected Boko Haram gunmen have killed an 18-year-old Islamic student in borno State. The slain student was alleged to be an informant to the police and other security agents in Borno State.
13-Nov Maiduguri Unknown gunmen 1 Three unidentified gunmen killed a middle aged man, Baba La’ari in the Gangamari area. He was shot while returning from a mosque after performing the Magrib prayer.
11-Nov Bauchi 4 A roadside bomb exploded, injuring four people. The incident happened as workers were returning home.
9-Nov Mainok town in Kaga Suspected Boko Haram 4 Suspected Boko Haram unleashed terror on a police outpost in Mainok town in Kaga local government area of Borno State. Four policement were killed.
7-Nov Kaduna City 2 Muslim men An explosion destroyed 9 shops and 15 apartments owned by Christians by 2 muslim men. After chatting briefly with some Christian teenagers, one man bolted. The bomb was concealed in a carton carried by the second man, who was killed in the blast. The first man was injured and was taken away by colleagues.
4-Nov Damaturu Boko Haram 150 100 Muslim extremists carried out coordinated attacks on churches, banks and police stations throughout Abuja using guns and suicide bombers. An estimated 150 killed, 100 injured. At least 130 of the 150 killed were Christians.  At least 10 churches destroyed.
4-Nov Kurmin-Bi, Kaduna Muslim extremist gang 1 1 In Kurmin-Bi, a Christian village near Zonkwa was attakced by gunmen at night. One man was shot on the head, another man was shot on his leg.
3-Nov Zonkwa, Kaduna state. Muslim extremist gang 2 12 Gunmen carried out a late night attack on Saint Augustine Catholic Church during a prayer meeting consisting mostly of women and children.
2-Nov Maiduguri Gunmen 1 Unknown gunmen killed a soldier along the popular Monday Market in Maiduguri. The incident occurred around 11pm when all the shops in the market and its surroundings had closed for the day.
2-Nov Enugu State Armed gunmen Rev. Fr. Amoke was kidnapped trying to enter the church. Kidnappers are demanding N10 million for his safe return. The church has no money to pay the ransom.
27-Oct Maiduguri A loud explosion rocked the city of Maiduguri on Sunday in an apparent attack on a military patrol.
23-Oct Maiduguri Boko Haram 1 A cameraman for the Nigerian state-run television network has been killed by suspected Boko Haram.
21-Oct Jos Nigerian soldier with the Special Task Force 1 A pastor, posing as a sergeant in the Nigerian army, solicited the help of Private Nelson Eric in recovering a cell phone from another individual. When Eric discovered Adams was not a soldier, he chased Adams to Jos University and shot him.
20-Oct Bauchi 3 Muslim Nigerian soldiers 1 1 Victims included one Charity Augustine, a mother of five, allegedly shot by soldiers and one christian boy. The crisis was said to have started from the Baban Takko Secondary School, Kagadama Yalwa following a disagreement over a football match.
19-Oct Layin Tanki, Gwange area Gunmen 2 A cleric and his students were killed at Layin Tanki, in Gwange area of the metropolis around 7:40pm.
19-Oct Maiduguri Gunmen 2 Assailants trailed a prison warder to a barbing salon at London Chiki area of Maiduguri where he was shot alongside the owner of the salon at about 7:28pm.
19-Oct Maiduguri Gunmen 1  A businessman was killed at about 2pm in front of his house at Bulabulin area of the metropolis.
16-Oct Gombe state Suspected Boko Haram 3 A bomb explosion killed at least three people on Sunday at a police base.
16-Oct Gwagwalada Abdulaziz Musa A 28-year-old man was stopped by church security attempting to enter the church gate while armed with daggers. He threatened to burn the church down and kill the pastor if he was not let in to pray.  He turned violent, breaking doors and windows, until the pastor called the police.
15-Oct Maiduguri Gunmen 1 Suspected gunmen killed Ali Banga, the leader of the Borno State Vigilante Association (BOVA).
13-Oct Maiduguri Boko Haram 1 Two gunmen with the Boko Haram sect shot a prison guard at his home. He suffered several bullet wounds to the chest and head, died Friday morning.
12-Oct Damboa Boko Haram 1 Boko Haram attacked a bank and killed one police officer and stoled an undisclosed sum of money.
8-Oct Gargari, Bauchi state Local Muslim extremists 4 4 Christian community members attacked on the road, escaped; 1 home burned
4-Oct Tanjol village, Riyom At least 9 gunmen 2 Gunmen entered a house and shot 2 people.
3-Oct Kano Suspected Boko Haram 3 Suspected Boko Haram shot dead three people at a market in Nigeria’s violence-torn. The victims are a tea seller, a drug store owner, and a passer-by.
2-Oct Lingyado, Zamfara state 150 armed attackers 19 About 150 attackers raided the village with guns and machetes in an apparent reprisal attack for a similar incident in August in an ongoing feud between Fulani herdsmen and local vigilantes.
2-Oct Maiduguri Boko Haram 3 Attackers used explosives and gunfire to target an army patrol near a wedding killing at least three civilians.
1-Oct Tudun Wada Gobbiya Kazar village Local Muslims 1 A member of the local ECWA in Gobbiya, Ramako was killed at about 10 p.m. At least 60 Christians were displaced after an attack on their village.
30-Sep Uni Ikata unkown 12 12 unidentified bodies found in the southern village of Uni Ikata.The cause of death was not yet known and there had been no reports of clashes in the region.
23-Sep Lafia Unknown gunmen (as many as 8) 1 Rev. Fr. Clement Tarwough, a priest at Saint Teresa’s Catholic Church in Wamba, was travelling to Akwanga to conduct a children’s mass at Saint Patrick Catholic Church. He was shot by unidentified gunmen when crossing the Buku River bridge.
22-Sep Madala Muslim extremists/Boko Haram militants 5 The attackers raided shops owned by Christians in a market around 8 p.m. They ordered their victims to recite verses from the Quran. If they could not, they were shot and killed. Police were called to the scene, but 5 had already been killed.
18-Sep Bitaro, Koi Fulani herdsmen 3 10 About 20 Fulani herdsmen attacked 4 homes using machetes and knives on their victims. Gunmen surrounded homes and opened fire on the mostly Christian village
17-Sep Kaduna 15 Muslim gunmen 3 8 The gunmen stormed 3 houses, dragged victims into the streets, and shot or slashed them. Similar Islamist attacks had already been carried out in Fadiya Bajju, Ungwan Yuli, and Ungwan Yaro. 2 were killed at Fadiya Bajju. Many others were injured in the 3 attacks.
15-Sep Jol, Riyom and Rim Unknown 3 3 killed (a Fulani herdsman and 2 women); The murdered herdsman was found after a peace meeting in Riyom. Later, 2 women were killed in Rim by unidentified attackers.
12-Sep Maiduguri Boko Haram 4 Gunmen shot dead four people in a bar in the northeastern Nigerian town of Maiduguri in the lastest strike by Boko Haram.
12-Sep Misau, Bouchi State Suspected Islamic militants 6 1 Six policemen and one civilian have been killed by suspected Islamic militants following simultaneous attacks on a commercial bank and a police station in the area.
10-Sep Vwang Fwill village Muslim extremists 13 Muslim extremists stormed Vwang Fwil village at about 3 a.m. and killed 13 Christians. Several others were being treated at Vom Christian Hospital
9-Sep Vwang Kogot 14 In a guerilla-type “hit and run” attack on the Christian community of Vwang Kogot, Muslim attackers at about 8 p.m. on Sept. 9 killed 14 Christians, including a pregnant woman.
8-Sep Kakpwis Foron, Kunzin Suspected Fulani (30) 12 Nine people, including a man, his wife and seven children were killed at Kakpwis Foron while three people were killed at Kunzin by heavily armed gunmen.
6-Sep  Maiduguri Boko Haram An explosion occurred along Baga road in northeastern city of Maiduguri by suspected Boko Haram.
4-Sep Jos Fulani and allegedly backed by some people in uniform 11 13 Seven people were killed and three injured at Zallaki village near Babale in Jos North Local Government Area while four people were murdered in the same circumstance at Dabwak. Ten others were injured in nearby Farin Lamba in the local government.
4-Sep Zinnari,  Maiduguri Gunmen 1 A local Islamic scholar, Malam,  was this morning shot dead by some unidentified gunmen.
4-Sep Zakaleo, near Jos suspected Fulani 7 3 Zakaleo was attacked leaving seven dead, three injured and five houses burnt by suspected Fulani herdsmen.
4-Sep Jos 4 There was an attack on the neighbouring Kuru on Sunday night in which four persons were brutally killed and several others injured.
3-Sep Tatu 11 Eight members of the same family were killed in Tatu, while three persons were killed in a car.
2-Sep Biu town Clash between soldiers and  Islamic sect 10 8 Gunmen shot and killed a soldier in the Tashar Gandu area of town. Soldiers then stormed the township, shooting indiscriminately.
1-Sep Ethnic clash 40 Ethnic clash provoked by religion and politics.
29-Aug Jos Clashes between Christian and Muslin groups 23 86 A pastor Shawari and his son became victims of “highly intolerant” hoodlums in Jos, during a bloody clash between Christians and Muslims that claimed over 23 lives; Bingham University Teaching Hospital in Jos received 86 casualties from the Monday violence, which it handled until some were taken to Jos University Teaching Hospital
29-Aug Rukuba Clash between Muslims and Christians 17 17 persons died as a result of a clash between Muslims and Christians at the Rukuba area over the use of a piece of land for Eid-el-fitr prayers.
27-Aug Maiduguri Boko Haram 1 A 36-year-old evangelist from southern Nigeria, who was ministering amid the Kotoko people of Nigeria’s northeastern state with Calvary Ministries (CAPRO), was killed by Boko Haram
26-Aug Abuja 23 116 A car drove into the United Nations building in Abuja, exploding and claiming 26 lives and injuring 116.
25-Aug Kano Gunmen 16 Gunmen attacked two police stations and two banks, leaving 16 people dead. The attacks rocked the north eastern town of Gombi and killed seven police officers, a soldier and eight others, including bank staff and customers.
21-Aug Fadiya Bakut village (Kaduna state) Muslim extremists 2 1 Muslims attacked the home of Christian community leader Andrew Allahmagani. They killed a christian security guard and Andrew’s newphew. His mother was also shot and injured.
21-Aug Jos Muslim Hausa-Fulani 4 2 separate attacks in 2 mainly Christian villages near Jos.
21-Aug Kwi, Loton, Jwol villages Muslim and Nigerian army personnel 6 Nigerian army soldiers participated in the assults and killing of 6 Christians.
19-Aug Maiduguri Suspected Boko Haram 4 Suspected Boko Haram shot dead three policemen and a civilian after breaking into the house of one of the officers in the northeastern town of Maiduguri on Friday.
18-Aug Gindin Akwati Village (Plateau State) Unknown 2 1 Two men have been killed with another woman seriously injured in another fresh attack  at Gindin Akwati village. The men were  at a social gathering in one of the villages attacked.
15-Aug Heipang village Muslim extremists 10 Muslim extremists killed nine members of one Christian family and another Christian.
15-Aug Ratsa Foron village Muslim and Nigerian army personnel 15 The attacks started Aug. 11 and on Aug. 15 left six Christians dead.
14-Aug Jos Muslim extreists 2 1 Muslim extremists killed two Christians and injured one woman.
14-Aug Maiduguri 2 Two Christians, Names Turmda Dogo Malgwi and Maryamu Wahira, were killed. [Christian Association of Nigeria]
14-Aug Kaduna State Unkown 2 Francis Ogbeyi, and his wife, Stella, who were preparing to attend a 10 am Sunday service were gunned down in the early hours of the morning.
14-Aug Lokoja, Kogi State Unknown A bomb was discovered near the church when members of the church were about cleaning the premises preparatory to  service.
12-Aug Gamboru Ngala Suspected to be member of an Islamist sect 1 Gunmen shot dead a prominent Muslim cleric, Limen Baana Ngala who was the former chief imam for the town.
9-Aug Bisichi, near Jos 2 4 Attackers with machetes hacked at least two herdsmen to death and seriously wounded four others in a village near the deeply divided Nigerian city of Jos.
7-Aug Maiduguri Suspected Boko Haram 1 A 40-year-old school teacher, Nurudeen Algoni Umar was on Sunday night shot dead by gunmen in Gwange ward of the Maiduguri. The incident happened  shortly after the last prayer of the day known as Tarawih.
7-Aug Kogi 20 Gunmen attacked Deeper Life Bible Church in Otite, Okehi Local Government Area of Kogi State, leaving 20 worshippers dead and several injured.
6-Aug Bauchi Suspected Boko Haram 2 Suspected Boko Haram ambushed a security patrol vehicle in Dutsen, Tanshi and Anguwar Kur, along Railway Road in Bauchi, injuring a policeman and a civilian.
4-Aug Maiduguri Suspected Boko Haram 2 2 Two person died and two person injured in the morning after an explosion at Baga Road.
2-Aug Maiduguri Suspected Boko Haram An explosion occurred in Maiduguri along  Gomari Airport Road, no casulty recorded.
2-Aug Maiduguri Boko Haram 1 Roadside bomb planted to scare those who were returning to Maiduguri after fleeing the city because of recently increased violence.
30-Jul Jos SuspectedBoko Haram One bomb exploded on Saturday night (July 30) in the Angwan Rimi area of Jos near a Baptist Church building. A second bomb exploded early Sunday morning near a Church of Christ in Nigeria (COCIN) building on Sarkin Mangu Street and an Assemblies of God sanctuary in the Kwarrarafa Area
26-Jul Maiduguri Suspected Boko Haram 2 Suspected Boko Haram killed Mohammed Ali Lawal, the district head of Bulabulin in Maiduguri and killed his 9 years old daughter.
22-Jul Maiduguri 1 Christian known as Alphonse killed in Maiduguri. [Christian Association of Nigeria]
19-Jul Jos Muslim youths 5 12 There was a clash between a group of Muslims and a group of Christians that resulted in casualties.
15-Jul Asaba Boko Haram 30 At least 585 students fled to Asaba after the University of Maiduguri was evacuated because of feared violence from Boko Haram. The University closed this week after a “weekend of violence left at least 30 people dead, some allegedly at the hands of the security services.”
11-Jul Abuja One church in an area just north of Abuja belongs to the Evangelical Church Winning All was attacked. Members of the local church were holding a prayer meeting when a bomb was thrown onto the premises.
10-Jul Suleja 2 4 Two entirely separate bombs were detonated; one at All Christian Fellowship Mission, and the other at Faith Mission Church in Suleja.
6-Jul Gargar,i Bauchi state Local Muslim extremists 3 4 7 community members ambushed by Muslims on the road. 3 killed, 4 injured.
6-Jul Maiduguri Suspected Boko Haram 3 A bomb throunat a military patrol vehicle  has injured soldiers.
5-Jul Maiduguri Boko Haram 6 Six people were killed in Maiduguri as a result of sporadic attacks allegedly carried out in various locations by suspected Boko Haram.
3-Jul Maiduguri 10 An explosion killed at least 10 people and injured many others at a bar close to a police barracks in Maiduguri, Borno State
3-Jul Maiduguri Suspected Boko Haram 1 Gunmen suspected Boko Haram trailed the caretaker chairman of JereLGA, Mustapha Baale, and killed him at the home of his mother around 4pm.
2-Jul Maiduguri 2 Two Christians, names Apagu Tanko Umaru & Sani Umaru were killed in Maiduguri. [Christian Association of Nigeria]
28-Jun Gargar,i Bauchi state Local Muslim extremists 1 5 Group of 6 Christian girls attacked, 1 raped repeatedly and left to die (found 4 days later)
27-Jun Maiduguri Suspected armed robbers 2 3 Two girls were killed and three cusotoms officers wounded in the city of Maiduguri, according to army officials, although residents and witnesses put the death toll at about a dozen.
26-Jun Maiduguri Suspected Boko Haram 25 Suspected boko haram tossed bombs and fired on a crowded beer garden in the same city, killing 25 people. Pius Drabu-Dala killed in Maiduguri on June 26, 2011
24-Jun Maiduguri 2 Two Christians, names John Zanvandza and Iliya Ajasco were killed. [Christian Association of Nigeria]
21-Jun Suspected Boko Haram 8 Gunmen in northern Nigeria have killed 8 people in attacks that resembled previous strikes by a feard Muslim sect, though authorities said copycats may have been responsible for most of the killings.
20-Jun Katsina Islamic gunmen – Boko Haram 6 Suspected Islamic gunmen killed five policemen and a civilian during a raid on a police station and a bank. Attackers stole weapons, freed detained suspects from the police station.
19-Jun Maiduguri Boko Haram 5 2 Boko Haram militants attacked a relaxation centre in Gomari, Maiduguri. Two unidentified victims had died on Sunday after the attack, while five others who suffered gunshot injuries were rushed to the Hospital. Three of the injuried victims died in the early hours of Monday.
17-Jun Maiduguri 3 Three Christians, names John Tizhe, Turnyazha Turcha, and Waji Thediku, were killed by Boko Haram. [Christian Association of Nigeria]
16-Jun Abuja 8 At least 8 people died when a vehicle laden with explosive devices exploded inside the visitors’ car park of Louis Edet House in Abuja, headquarters of the Nigeria Police Force.
16-Jun Damboa Boko Haram 4 An explosion near a church killed four children. The blast came just hours after a suspected suicide bomber detonated explosives outside the national police headquaters in the capital Abuja.
13-Jun Maiduguri 2 Two Christians, names Jasini and Midiku Pelachiroma were murdered in Madguri. [Christian Association of Nigeria]
13-Jun Maiduguri Suspected armed robbers 3 Five suspected armed robbers killed two policemen and a staff of Guzamala Local Government Area of Borno State and carted away millions of naira that was menat for the payment of salary of the local government employees.
7-Jun Maiduguri Boko Haram 10 At least ten people died in Maiduguri while many others sustained serious injuries as a result of several bomb blasts and a gunfight that ensued between the police and Boko Haram. The attack started when two bombs went off in front of the St. Patrick’s Church. The second blast took place at the Gwange Divisional Police headquarters.
7-Jun Kano Suspected Boko Haram 5 3 Multiple bomb attacks by members of an Islamist sect targeting a church and a police station in Nigeria’s troubled city of Maiduguri killed, five people on Tuesday and three injured including two policemen.
7-Jun Maiduguri Boko Haram 1 Ibrahim Birkuti, one of the most prominent clerics who criticised Boko Haram was killed by a man riding a motorbike.
7-Jun Maiduguri, Borno state Boko Haram 2 A pastor of Church of Christ and the Church secretary were killed by Boko Haram
1-Jun Maiduguri Suspected Boko Haram Suspected Boko Haram members late on Wednesday set the office of the Borno State National Programme on Immunisation (NPI) in Unguwan Doki in Maiduguri ablaze.
30-May Maiduguri Boko Haram 1 Suspected Boko Haram have killed the brother of an influential west African Islamic spiritual leader, Abba-Anas Umar Garbi outside his home in the city of Maiduguri.
29,30-May Bauchi, Zaria, Maiduguri, Zuba Boko Haram 15 52 A day after the inauguration of President Goodluck Jonathan and 26 state governors across the country on Sunday, four powerful blasts were recorded in four different town across the country on Sunday evening and Monday. In Bauchi, 14 person died, 40 injured; in Zuba, 1 person died and 10 injured; in Zaira 2 teenagers were injured; another explosion occurred at the PZ area and 8 people were injured; in Maiduguri a bomb hit a patrol vehicle that was conveying members of the JTF and none of the security operatives was injured.
13-May Maiduguri Boko Haram 2 Suspected Boko Haram killd a government house piolot officer, Insp. Mai Kadai. The Killing was  24 hours  after the shooting of the District head of Mairari (Abba Tijjani) in Budum.
11-May Kurum, Bauchi Muslim militants 16 Pastor James Musa Rike’s wife and 13-year-old daughter were  the victims durign an attack on the village of Kurum, Bauchi state. Bauchi police said that 12 of the 16 killed in total last week’s attack were children. More than 20 houses in the village were set on fire.
11-May Mairi Boko Haram 2 An official of the National Union of Road Transport Workers was shot alongside his son at his residence.
10-May Mairi Boko Haram 1 Boko Haram members had shot an Islamic cleric, Malam Gwani Tijjani, at his residence.
5-May Abuja Talakawa Boko Haram 1 1 A Superintendent of Police and Duty officer to Governor Ali Modu Sheriff was attacked at his residence. He survived with gun shot but a teenager was killed at the incident.
29-Apr 1 Yakusa Paul, a Christian, was killed in Maiduguri. [Christian Association of Nigeria]
29-Apr Dengi Muslims Music playing in a Christian music shop was disturbing Muslim prayer time. In retaliation, they burned down the music shop and some Christian homes.
27-Apr Maiduguri 3 Three Christians, names Felix, Ike Onyema, Augustine Adamu, and John Pallam, were killed in Maidguri.[Christian Association of Nigeria]
20-Apr Northern Nigeria Muslims 300 700+ churches burned and throusands of Christian-owned homes and businesses destroyed. 28 Christians in Bauchi state, including the Rev. Isman Dogari of the Evangelical Chruch of West Africa were killed, while 78 church buildings and other properties were set ablaze between April 16 and 19. In Gombe state, 38 Christians were killed, 17 church buildings and 27 houses were burned. The assailants also set 11 cars on fire. In Zamfara state, five church buildings and one pastor’s house were burned; in Jigawa state, 17 churches were burnt in Hadeija and seven in Jahun
27-Mar Tafawa Balewa, Bauchi Islamists Muslims attacked the Christian village of Mdandi, driving out the residents and destroying their homes. Pastor Zafi said his church building along with a Roman Catholic Church building were set ablaze.
22-Feb Belle Village, Plateau suspected Fulani herdsmen 18 7 Armed men suspected to be Fulani herdsmen attacked Belle Village near Dorowan Tsoho, Fan District, Barkin-Ladi Local Council Area.
1-Feb Maiduguri Boko Haram 1 A senior police was shot and killed by Boko Haram gunmen on motorcycle.
28-Jan University of Jos Hausa Muslim youths 4 20 Muslim youths stabbed two students they assumed to be Christians. Violence then broke out between students and the Muslims
27-Jan Bogoro, Tafawa Balewa, Bauchi Muslim/Christian clash 96 There was a mediation between Muslim and Christians on Jan. 26, but Muslims later burned the table, prompting Christian youths to burn 50 houses and 5 mosques. The death data was accumulated four days after Jan. 27 incident. A witness have seen the killing of 10 Christians in Tafawa Balewa on Jan. 27. Muslims reportedly barricaded the Bauchi Dass Highway, pulling dozens of Christians from their vehicles and killing them.
27-Jan Barkin Ladi Government Area (a predominantly Christian area) Muslims, led by a police officer from Abuja 14 Invasion of 4 Christian villages in the early morning
10-Jan Wareng Gunmen 11 gunmen attacked a Christian community, burning homes and killing residents. Four women and seven children were killed in the attack.
8-Jan Jos&surrounding communities At least 14 Muslims were killed by mobs in Christian neighborhoods.  A passenger on an interstate bus to Jos on January 8 told that Muslim passengers were separated from Christian passengers and hacked to death.
8-Jan Jos Muslim Youth 48 Muslim youth attacked Christians, mostly ethnic Igbo market traders, around the Dilimi market and along Bauchi Road. The victims were hacked to death with machetes and cutlasses or burned alive by the mob.
TOTAL 1,453 499
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